Spain, Barcelona

Legal cardpool up to: The Automata Initiative
MWL: not applicable
Format: other

decklist is not required

Registration starts: 09:00 (local time)
Tournament starts: 11:00 (local time)

2023 World Championship Weekend
location: Spain
date tournament
2023.10.14. 2023 World Championship
2023.10.13. 2023 Crown of Servers Team Tournament

The 2023 World Championship Weekend is a celebration of all things Netrunner. It will consist of three separate tournaments.

A €75 one-size-fits-all ticket will allow entry to all events.

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B·COM Crown of Servers Extravaganza

B·COM is the Barcelona Community Event that a lot of you know and love. This year we’ll be making an appearance during the 2023 Null Signal Games World Championship, as the organisers of the Friday’s Crown of Servers event.

Historically, Crown of Servers has been a casual team event, played during the opening day of the World Championship weekend, where three players will build a total of 6 decklists from different factions. The players get individual points that sum up to make the total standing of their team. Those points are also used to determine which player is playing which opponent from the other team.

In B·COM’s fashion, however, Crown of Servers becomes an Extravaganza! In our variation on this format, the members of each teams of three must each playing a different one of Null Signal Games’ official formats: Eternal, Standard or Start-Up. The team members will be paired each round against the opponent playing the same format. There will be no limitations on the amount of times the same faction – or even the same ID – can be played within the same team.


Crown of Servers Extravaganza! will be played in Eternal, Standard and Start-Up and will consist of 5 Rounds of Swiss with no Top Cut.


To be able to play in this event, you’ll need to have a ticket for the main event, which you can get here. You will also need a team.
You can register your team of three, or sign up as a free agent to find one here.


We are still finalising details! Thank you for your patience.

2023 B-Com Team Tournament
Top Half: Botulus - Alexis Spicer alternate art card
participation: Big Deal - Pommes alternate art card
champion: Unique Trophy trophy
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