Terms of usage

You may freely use my API endpoints for your site, app, project, etc.

In return, please add a backlink to https://alwaysberunning.net. You can use this ABR logo if needed.


Upcoming tournaments and recurring events: https://alwaysberunning.net/api/tournaments/upcoming
Rejected events and tournaments with past dates are filtered out.

  "tournaments": [event objects]
  "recurring_events": [event objects]

Concluded tournamets (tournaments with results): https://alwaysberunning.net/api/tournaments/results
Only concluded tournaments are displayed. Rejected tournaments are filtered out.
Supports limit and offset parameters, example: https://alwaysberunning.net/api/tournaments/results?offset=20&limit=10

  event objects

Tournament entries: https://alwaysberunning.net/api/entries?id=[tournament ID] - example
Returns claims and imported entries for a single tournament.

  entry objects

Returned objects

Event objects
Events may be tournaments or recurring events.

property type description
general properties
id int event ID
title string event title
contact string event contact field
approved int (0/1/-1) if event was approved by an admin (waiting for approval/approved/rejected)
registration_count int number of users registered for the event
photos int number photos uploaded for the event
url string URL for the event
link_facebook string URL for related Facebook group / event
event creator related properties
creator_id int NetrunnerDB user ID
creator_name string NetrunnerDB user name - may be overridden by 'displayed user name' setting in ABR profile
creator_supporter int ABR supporter status:
- 0: not a supporter
- 1: one-time supporter
- 2: Patreon bioroid supporter
- 3: Patreon sysop supporter
- 4: Patreon executive supporter
creator_class string ABR user class (used for CSS):
- "": normal user
- "supporter": supporter
- "admin": admin (overrides supporter)
location related properties
location string location string, format: country, [US state,] city
location_lat float location latitude
location_lng float location longitude
location_country string location country (in English)
location_state string location state (for US)
address string address string
store string store / venue name
place_id string place ID provided by Google Maps API
tournament related properties
cardpool string tournament legal cardpool up to
date string event date, YYYY.mm.dd. format
type string tournament type (GNK, store championship, regional championship, etc.)
format string tournament format (standard, cache refresh, draft etc.)
concluded boolean tournament conclusion
charity boolean if tournament is charity
concluded tournament properties
players_count int number of players in tournament
top_count int number of players in tournament top-cut
claim_count int number of claims (with decklist) in tournament
claim_conflict boolean if tournament has conflicting claims
matchdata boolean if tournament has match data (results were impored by NRTM app)
video int number of videos in tournament
winner_runner_identity string card ID of winner runner identity (get card IDs from NetrunnerDB API)
winner_corp_identity string card ID of winner corporation identity (get card IDs from NetrunnerDB API)
recurring event properties
recurring_day string name of day (in English)
multiple day event properties
end_date string event end date, YYYY.mm.dd. format

Entry objects
player entries of a single tournament

property type description
player related properties
user_id int NetrunnerDB user ID (0 if imported entry)
user_name string NetrunnerDB user name - may be overridden by 'displayed user name' setting in ABR profile (null if imported entry)
user_import_name string user name coming from importing results
rank properties
rank_swiss int rank after swiss rounds
rank_top int final rank after top-cut (null if didn't reach top-cut, 0 if there was no top-cut)
deck related properties
runner_deck_title string title of runner deck
runner_deck_identity_id string card ID of runner identity (card ID coming from NetrunnerDB API)
runner_deck_url string URL for runner deck on NetrunnerDB
runner_deck_identity_title string name of runner identity
runner_deck_identity_faction string faction of runner identity
corp_deck_title string title of corporation deck
corp_deck_identity_id string card ID of corporation identity (card ID coming from NetrunnerDB API)
corp_deck_url string URL for corporation deck on NetrunnerDB
corp_deck_identity_title string name of corporatoin identity
corp_deck_identity_faction string faction of corporation identity

For more information

You can contact me via: alwaysberunning (at) gmail.com