Why do I have to login with my NetrunnerDB user?
What is the difference between "private" and "public" decks/decklists?
I cannot see my decks when I am claiming my spot at a tournament.
Do you plan to integrate with other deckbuilders?
How do I import the tournament results?
I have more questions or ideas.

Why do I have to login with my NetrunnerDB user?

Because you will be able to link the decks created at NetrunnerDB with the tournaments you participated at. Also I can identify you as a user with your NetrunnerDB account. You won't need a separate registration for this site.

This is done via the OAuth protocol. You have seen sites with the "login with Facebook / Gmail" option, this is the same thing. You are being logged in on NetrunnerDB and then redirected back.

What is the difference between "private" and "public" decks/decklists?

When you create a deck in NetrunnerDB, it is added to your list of private decks.

In order to create a published copy of your private deck, click the Publish button.

The deck is added to your
published decklists.

Private decks

  • mainly for private use
  • cards can be changed
  • can be shared (or claimed with) if you enable the option in your NetrunnerDB settings
  • you can have a limited number of private decks

Published decks

  • for the public, ideal for sharing
  • cards cannot be changed, it's snapshot
  • another users can like or favorite it, you will get reputation points on NetrunnerDB
  • unlimited number of published decks
  • description can be provided

You can claim with your private decks, but AlwaysBeRunning.net will publish these decks and will reference the published version.

I cannot see my decks when I am claiming my spot at a tournament.

By default I can only access your published decks.

If you want to use your private decks here, please enable the Share your decks option in your NetrunnerDB account settings. After this is done, relogin into Always be Running.net, so changes can take effect.

Do you plan to integrate with other deckbuilders?

This is not planned. Though the possibility is there if the deckbuilder site has the needed API endpoints and has a wide userbase.

How do I import the tournament results?

You can do it in bulk either by NRTM or a CSV file that you prepare. Or you can import manually.

  • NRTM is a Netrunner tournament manager app for iOS.

    First, download the identity names in the NRTM app by going to Settings >> Edit Names >> Download from NetrunnerDB.com. Assign those identity names to all of your players.

    1. Manage your tournament in NRTM. Once the tournament finishes, keep the results in the NRTM app.
    2. Open the AlwaysBeRunning.net page of the tournament in your Safari browser. Click the "NRTM results" button.
    3. The NRTM app will open and it will prompt to upload results. Tap "Yes".
    4. Go back to the AlwaysBeRunning.net page, refresh. Your results should be there.

    Alternatively you can:

    • Upload results via conclusion code:
      1. After the tournament is finished, go to tab More... >> Export. Click upload icon (cloud) on top.
      2. Select Upload to alwaysberunning.net. After NRTM uploads the results, you will receive a conclusion code.
      3. When you are concluding the tournament on AlwaysBeRunning.net, provide this code.
    • Upload the NRTM.json results file: JSON export can be enabled by Settings >> Data Export >> switch on Add JSON Data to Export.

  • If you are uploading a CSV file, you have to follow this format:


    If there were no top-cut or the player did not reach top-cut, use "0" (zero) in the top-cut rank field. The ID fields should be the (substring of the) official card name. Example:
    Pete;1;0;Kit;Near-Earth Hub
    Tristan;2;0;Hayley;Engineering the Future
    Alice;3;0;Omar;Controlling the Message
    Ed;4;0;Khan;Architects of Tomorrow

  • You can also import results manually, adding each player one-by-one.

    Go to your concluded tournament and click Import manually.

    You can now add the player names and IDs to the results. You cannot link users or decklists. Your players have to claim themselves to get those in. If you made a mistake you can delete entries with the red trashcan icon next to them.

I have more questions or ideas.

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