Hi, I'm Necro and I'm the creator of AlwaysBeRunning.net and KnowTheMeta.com. I provide these websites and services free of charge for lovers of Netrunner all around the globe. I'm doing this in my spare time. I would appreciate your support and get a warm, fuzzy feeling that my work matters.
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with alt-art cards, goodies
As any warm-blooded Netrunner player, I love alternate art cards. I'm looking for:
  • Team Sponsorship
  • Snare!
  • Bhagat
  • BOOM!
  • Femme Fatale
  • Femme Fatale token
  • Weyland/Shaper/Anarch click counters
  • any new art from Revised Core
  • Hedge Found
  • NAPD Contact
  • Professional Contacts
  • Eli 1.0
  • Lotus Field
  • Crypsis
  • Private Security Force
  • Wall of Static
  • Astroscript Pilot Program with Damon
  • Day Job playmat
  • acrylic IDs
    • Chaos Theory
    • Kate / NBN:MN
    • Gabe / Weyland:BABW
  • show all...
Unofficial alternate art is also welcomed. Email me via alwaysberunning (at) gmail.com for my postal address.
via PayPal
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via Patreon
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Why do I need your support?

My git commits
This is me getting busy with AlwaysBeRunning.net. I know, "number of commits" is a bit obscure for measuring effort. The main takeaway here is that developing a site takes time, which is a valuable asset. I have to pay for hosting, but the main cost is my effort I put into developing newer and newer features for the site. In the end I hope it is useful for you and I can help Netrunner communities grow.
AlwaysBeRunning.net features
This is my Trello board for AlwaysBeRunning.net development. Usually I announce new features on my Twitter, but there are lot of things going on under a hood. There are also bug-fixes, minor tweeks, usability improvements. Anybody can add feature requests on GitHub (as new "issue") or by dropping me an email. I will add them to this huge list and prioritize according to user-happiness-impact and coding effort. As you can see there's always another feature to code, which requires my time spent developing.