Germany, Essen

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Legal cardpool up to: Downfall
MWL: Standard MWL 3.1
Format: standard

decklist is not required

Registration starts: 08:45 (local time)
Tournament starts: 10:00 (local time)
Address: Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 18, 45127 Essen, Germany

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Hello Euregio and Netrunner Fans,

Netrunner should never die... So I have organized the Euregio IX.

Unfortunately, I was forced to raise the starting Fee. :-(
But I hope you will forgive me when you see the incredible prizepool.

Many thanks to Elwin Rumplmair and Asmodée Germany who helps me to get a gread price pool.Thank you all!!

Fan-Made cards are legal, as long as the cards are not too noticeable!

Location: Unperfekthaus Essen Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 18, 45127 Essen-City
Room: Winter-Garden / Conservatory
Venue open from : 8:00 am
Check In: 8:45: am - 9:45 am
Round 1 starts arround: 10:00 am
Planed end : 20:45 pm (variable)
Starting Fee on site: 15€
TO / The Troll (Judge): René aka Dalhill

Pre-Registration is closed. But you can register on site. We have enough free slots for players ;-)


The starting fee does NOT contain the entry fee for the location. But the entry fee for the Unperfekthaus includes: Coffee, cappuccino, milk coffee, many teas, coke, sodas, water, cocoa, sprinkles...

Two different entry fee options which cover food and drinks. You can get some information here (unfortunately only in german) or on site.

** UPDATE - 1**
The Euregio IX will be a Store Championship too!

Additional to all other prices we will use this Event as SC with a NISEI SC Kit.

** UPDATE - 2**
Closing-Down sale on Euregio IX

When you are organise Netrunner tournaments and you need some prize stuff, ask me on the Event. All the stuff with is not in the prize pool is for sale (sale to TO's preferred).

2019 NISEI Store Championship Kit
top 32: Crowdfunding alternate art card
top 8: Embezzle alternate art card
top 4: Always Have A Backup Plan playmat
champion: NISEI Regionals first-round bye

The full Kit includes:
35 copies of alt-art Crowdfunding
19 copies of alt-art Embezzle
4 Always Have A Backup Plan playmats

This includes 3 copies extra of each card for the Tournament Organizer to keep for themselves if desired.

Additional prizes and information

We will see...

Maybe NISEI Kits, Yakuza Laser IDs, some stuff from the last FFG Nationals... :-)

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Number of players: 41
Top cut players: 3
concluded by: NRTM user
conflicts: strict

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Top cut
rank player corp runner
#1 dome_ Questmari/Tightrope (Euregio Winner 2019) Stabby Euregio MaxX (Euregio Winner 2019)
#2 Jan P. Gagarin Deep Space Leela Patel
#3 Roel Controlling the Message MaxX

Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 Jan P. Gagarin Deep Space Leela Patel
#2 dome_ Questmari/Tightrope (Euregio Winner 2019) Stabby Euregio MaxX (Euregio Winner 2019)
#3 Roel Controlling the Message MaxX
#4 Cahuita Loop Palana (1st @ Esslingen Regional, 1st, 3rd and 4th @Ulm Freedom Leela (1st @ Esslingen Regional, 1st and 4th @ Ulm R
#5 Klopstock Credit Clicker 3001 (5th @ Euregio) Stechi-FuxX (5th @ Euregio)
#6 hlinks Rude Deck Wins Again Again (2nd place at Canberra SC) Smoke (3-4 Euregio 2019)
#7 mLodon Titan Transnational Adam
#8 lostgeek Woof and Taxes (#1 SC Prague, 5-0) Stabby MaxX (No need for special sleeves) 1st Edinburgh SC
#9 JackMade Mti Mwekundu Leela Patel
#10 ff0x Personal Evolution Leela Patel
#11 cableCarnage Surprise Auditor's Visit (11th at Euregio) Best Girl Leela
#12 PuMeGo Remastered Brighton Tempo - 4th Bristol SC No need for unicorns (12th at Euregio Storechamp in Essen)
#13 Pommes Combat Mosh v08 Sachbeschädiger 3000
#14 PeterPan MaxTax Gletscher (1st Cologne SC undefeated) Ice is breakable
#15 simili Replicating Perfection 419
#16 mrteatime66 Whiplash (16th @ Euregio) Best Girl Leela
#17 Jan G. Builder of Nations Freedom Khumalo
#18 Ruben Personal Evolution 419
#19 Speedboat Rude Deck Wins Again (5-1 1st of 18 at OtG SC) Euregio Leela
#20 5N00P1 Hollywood Azmari (2nd in 20 Player Euregio GNK) Stabby Amok MaxX
#21 Pao chan "Oh wauw, Mti...." (Dome_con Winner) Scamshop but with two Class Acts - Undefeated Rockford SC
#22 Malte Argus Security MaxX
#23 Jörg W. Argus Security MaxX
#24 sanjayshelat The Outfit Leela Patel
#25 Gijs The Outfit 419
#26 Klaus Argus Security Leela Patel
#27 Anton Sportsmetal Reina Roja
#28 Elwin Near-Earth Hub 419
#29 Frederic MirrorMorph 419
#30 Bas Personal Evolution 419
#31 Andreas G. Asa Group Ele "Smoke" Scovak
#32 SpaceHonk Fairchild Blue Sun (7-0 @ Bay Area Store Champ) Cantrip Comet Chaos (1st at Pandemonium SC - Cambridge, MA)
#33 Volker E. Sportsmetal Armand "Geist" Walker
#34 Cluster Fox Punitive Palana - 4th Gent GNK Running With Scissors
#35 Quercia The Outfit Reina Roja
#36 Raven AgInfusion MaxX
#37 Monika K. Personal Evolution Jesminder Sareen
#38 Jens B. Blue Sun Khan
#39 Bertin Harmony Medtech Valencia Estevez
#40 Ramy Personal Evolution Sunny Lebeau
#41 DL7RRK Haarpsichord Studios Freedom Khumalo

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