Belgium, Antwerpen
2018.09.21 - 2018.09.23.

Facebook event

Legal cardpool up to: Reign and Reverie - MWL 2.2
Format: standard

decklist is mandatory!

Store/venue: Outpost Gamecenter
Address: Beggaardenstraat 6, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium



It was dark in her tiny SanSan apartment. In the buggy humidity of the night, she averted her gaze from looking across Breaker Bay to looking over the myriad of virt displays hovering above her personal workshop and frowned. Servers were going down and her connections were jacking out, like stars disappearing from the nighttime tapestry. She remembered seeing stars once, when she was only a child. It was a fond memory. Maybe she would have time now, to leave the megacity and see what other things the world had to offer.
As she reached for the power shutdown, a small blinking light caught the corner of her maker’s eye. Interesting. It seemed Caprice was still diverting power to a Jinteki server.
She cracked her knuckles and took a deep breath.
“One last run," she whispered. "Let’s make this one count.”

Announcing the final officially supported Belgian National Championship for Android: Netrunner.

Dates: Friday the 21st through Sunday the 23rd of September
Location: Outpost Gamecenter, Beggaardenstraat 6, 2000 Antwerp
Entry Fee: €25
TO/Judge: Thomas "Cluster Fox" Van der Cruysse

20:00 – Pub Quiz
For those who are arriving on Friday, we’ll be hosting a Netrunner-themed quiz and there will be prizes! Preregistration for this event is not necessary, anyone who shows up can participate. Format and persons per team will be announced in the coming weeks. The Outpost has a selection of nice beers and other beverages so it should be a great evening. For those interested, The Outpost has a decent selection of board games that can be played following the quiz, and I will be bringing New Angeles and Android: Mainframe.

10:30 – Netrunner Sign-ups
We are soft-capping registration at 80 participants. Registration costs €25 on the day. Decklists are mandatory and all cards must be in opaque sleeves. If you did not sleeve your cards you will be required to purchase sleeves at The Outpost. Proxies for Reign & Reverie cards will be permitted for those who have not been able to purchase it because of the product shortage. If you have made proxies you will be need to show them to the TO to confirm their quality. Proxies must be printed and immediately recognizable as the card they represent, writing the name of the card and a doodle of the art on a slip of paper will not be permitted. Additionally, your decks must be compliant with rotation and the current Most Wanted List (currently 2.2), the MWL can be found
11:00 – Start of Swiss
We will be playing five rounds of swiss. Everyone will be given a commemorative Belgian Nationals alternate art card. We will break for lunch after Round 2.
19:00 – BBQ
Near The Outpost we will be holding an open-air BBQ on one of the city’s cozier squares (approx. 10 min walk). Registration for the BBQ is now closed, 36 participants, should be great!

11:00 – Top 8 Cut
11:20 - Side Events
Cache Refresh tournament. We will provide an assortment of playmats, deckboxes, tokens and alternate art cards as prize support. The Cache Refresh card pool for deckbuilding is restricted to the following:
1x Revised Core Set
1x Terminal Directive
1x Deluxe Expansion box of choice (including Reign & Reverie)
All the cards from the Red Sands and Kitara cycles
MWL restrictions still apply.
More information on the Cache Refresh format can be found here:

Additionally we will be running an 8-player cube draft. If more than eight players sign up, we will randomly select 8 players to participate. You can sign up for the cube draft on this Google Doc:
Everything you need to know about cube drafting can be found here, including the starter cards you need to bring with you:

All the new cards that were released at Magnum Opus will NOT be legal for tournament play. Unfortunately, we will also not be able to get sets out for sale because FFG has not yet released the digital high-res versions (what else is new). Apologies.

Preregistration is now closed. Don't fret, you can still pay at the door to participate!

If you have any questions, comments, ideas, suggestions, criticisms, additional prize support you'd like to donate or would like to volunteer to help with anything in particular, you can send me a direct message on Facebook (Thomas Van der Cruysse), message me on Slack (clusterfox) or e-mail me at
Additionally for Slack users, we have created the channel #belgian-nationals for questions or meeting up with other people.

2018 National Championship
top 64: Reina Roja alternate art card
top 32: Hayley Kaplan plastic card
top 16: 12x silver advancement acrylic tokens
top 8: Defense Construct playmat
top 4: Reina Roja plastic card
top 2: World Championship free event ticket
champion: Reina Roja trophy + World Championship first-round bye

Additional prizes for this tournament:

Various alt arts, deckboxes, tokens and playmats as additional prize support for side events.

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