United Kingdom, Sheffield

Legal cardpool up to: Intervention
MWL: unknown
Format: standard

decklist is not required

Store/venue: Patriot Games
Address: 36-42 Union St, Sheffield S1 2JP, UK
Contact: @NotTopGearRH

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This tournament is intended as a relaxed, casual event after the stresses of Store Champs, Regionals, Nationals around Europe and Worlds, and an opportunity for us to make a donation to a charity here in Sheffield which provides over the Holiday period for a huge number of seriously ill children.

What's the Cause

100% of the total entry fee raised by the ID Auction will be donated directly to the Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity (details here ) and is a fully registered charity event with the hospital.

The ID Auction

To enter this tournament, rather than paying a fee and turning up with your decks on the day, things are going to be running a little differently.
Using the online silent auction site 32auctions.com, I'll be listing over the course of two weeks, 2 sets of 16-item auctions, each containing a pair of Identities, one known, one hidden. The first week will list 16 Corp IDs with hidden Runner IDs, and the second week 16 Runner IDs with hidden Corp IDs. Each pairing will come with a cryptic title which should allude to the identity of the hidden ID. The winners of each auction must use the two listed IDs as their IDs for this tournament.
The tournament will have only 32 maximum players - there will be 31 different Runner IDs (including Elle and Omar) and and 35 different Corp IDs, so there will be 3 Corp IDs which do not appear at all (they will be outlined before the auction takes place) and only a single Runner ID repeat. Once an auction has been won, either a JustGiving donation, or a cash donation on the day for the amount of the winning bid will be your entry fee.

Tournament Format

The tournament will be 6 rounds of Swiss with prizes determined by ranking after the 6th round.
We will also be observing the Opening Moves Amnesty, meaning that players will be allowed to proxy Jackson Howards for their decks should they not already own them.

I've never been to a tournament before...

The intent is to make this tournament accessible to everyone, from hardened veterans to people with a single core set. If you've never been to an event before, don't be intimidated, please come and play, and there will be special additional prizes for those who aren't the Regional/National champions of the world.

What's on offer?

It wouldn't be a tournament without prizes, and for this one, I have tried to get a number of things that would appeal to the Netrunner community.
Currently, just for winning any auction, you will receive a pair of custom-made alt-art cards for your faction, examples of which are in the photos below.
In addition to this, the following prizes* will be on offer:-

  • A Golden** Celebrity Gift Trophy for the winner, hand crafted by me
  • An Art-print signed by Matt Zeillinger
  • Custom "Celebrity Gift 2016" Playmats for the top 4
  • A Store Championship 2016 "Leela Patel" Playmat for the player who finishes highest who has not already won a Netrunner mat at an event (be honest) [Donated by Dave Hoyland]
  • Two Store Championship 2016 "Leela" Deckboxes for the highest finishing new player (you know if you are a new player or not) [Donated by Dave Hoyland]
  • A signed copy of the Android novella Monitor by Leigh Alexander*
  • Signed copies of Celebrity Gift signed by Matt Z
  • A set of Alt-Art Jackson Howards [Donated by me]
  • Another set of Alt-Art Jackson Howards [Donated by Dave H]
  • An Alt-Art Adonis Campaign [Donated by Dave H]
  • An Alt-Art Chaos Theory [Donated by me]
  • A set of Alt-Art Bank Jobs [Donated by me]
  • An Alt-Art Noise [Donated by Dave H]
  • An Acrylic Jesminder Sereen/Palana Foods flip-ID [Donated by Dave H]
  • A Piece of One-of-a-kind Netrunner art by PandalionDoodles [Donates by Paula N]

*These things are all in-progress at the moment but something might happen to mean these prizes don't materialise. Rest assured I am working hard to get them sorted out.
** Spraypainted Golden

Exciting bonus stuff

While planning for this event, I have been reaching out to the voices in the Netrunner community for some assistance, and I am very excited to announce that the good people at RunLastClick, The Winning Agenda, Team Covenant, Dead Channel/NeoReading Grid, Terminal7 and ANRBlackHats, as well as the UK National Champion have all agreed to nominate ID pairings which represent themselves; the winners of those Auctions will receive two copies of their alt-art IDs, one to play with, and one signed by the people from those fine Netrunner institutions.
There may also be further exciting news on the horizon...
If you would like to help in any way, by donating additional prize support to the event, or if there is something else you think you can assist me with, please send me a message here on Facebook or catch me on Twitter at @NotTopGearRH.

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Number of players: 32
only swiss rounds, no top cut

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Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 nivrem Charity Sponsorship Rielle "Charity" Peddler
#2 TR1S Urgh, fine FFG. I will play FA. - Celebrity Gift II (2nd) Anarchist, meet netinstaller - Charity Gift II (2nd)
#3 shanodin Charity CTM (credit to Timmy Wong) Charity Omar (credit to callmedutch)
#4 ocelotwildly On The 'Roids Go Bird or Go Home
#5 Will Ashton Custom Biotics Chaos Theory
#6 ouroboros Foundry Geist
#7 deaglesuk Charity Gift NEXT Charity Gift Ken
#8 Shockeh H.O.D.O.R Dyper v3.26 - A Dram of Scotland
#9 CriticalJoe Charity Gift 2016 - Sol Deck Charity Gift 2016 - Gabe Deck
#10 Paul Johnson Cerebral Imaging Apex
#11 sythic Promoting Charitable Events Peaking at the gifts
#12 Dave Whittaker Haarpsichord Studios Nasir
#13 Kenton Shepard Foods Edward Kim
#14 Ashley Bullard Nisei Division Omar
#15 Iain Ross Argus Jesminder
#16 Terrence Malia Jinteki Biotech Noise
#17 Richard Watts Builder of Nations Reina
#18 ichigokuto GRNDLICIOUS - The Charity Gift II Experiment HONEST ADAM - The Charity Gift II Redemption
#19 raegar Jinteki - Up Close and Personal (Charity Gift 2016) MaxX: Prepaid Hate (Charity Gift 2016)
#20 Stuart Walsh SYNC Whizzard
#21 Brian Ennis Cybernetics Division Nero
#22 Jamie Dodd Making News Leela
#23 unclaimed unclaimed
#24 Tom Mason Potential Unleashed Smoke
#25 Ben Cottom Titan Transnational Laramy Fisk
#26 Mark Perry Stronger Together Valencia
#27 paulyg Charity Gift 2 - Replicating Perfection v2 Charity Gift 2 - The Professor V2
#28 GarfieldMew IG - Charity Gift 2016 Sheffield Null - Charity Gift 2016 Sheffield
#29 Nathan Downs Harishchandra Quetzal
#30 John Buston Gagarin Deep Space Iain Stirling
#31 Dan Roberts Chronos Protocol Exile
#32 Catherine Down Building A Better World Sunny Lebeau

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