2022.09.03 - 2022.09.04.

Legal cardpool up to: Midnight Sun
MWL: Standard Ban List 22.08
Format: standard

decklist is mandatory!

Registration starts: 10:00 (local time)
Tournament starts: 11:00 (local time)
Contact: op@nisei.net

2022 Continental Championships
location: online
date tournament
2022.09.10. 2022 Intercontinental Championship
2022.09.03. 2022 Europe and Africa Continental Championship
2022.08.27. 2022 American Continental Championship
2022.08.20. 2022 Asia-Pacific Continental Championship

The 2022 Continental Championship Season begins August 20th. The theme this year: Champions. Will you have what it takes to become one?

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Players from Europe and Africa battle for the title of 2022 EACC Champion, and a chance to compete in the Intercontinental Championship!

2022 EACC

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Dates & Times

  • Registration for this tournament will end September 1st at 11:59pm BST (UTC +1)

  • Swiss Rounds will be held on September 3rd at 10:00 AM BST (UTC +1) for Check-In, 11:00 AM BST (UTC +1) for Round 1 Start

  • Top Cut games will take place September 4th at 10:00AM BST (UTC +1) for Check-In, 10:30AM BST (UTC +1) for Round 1 Start

2022 Continental Championship Kit
participation: Deuces Wild (David Lee) alternate art card
top half: Mystery Card (Benjamin Giletti) alternate art card
top 32: Overclock Sleeves sleeves
top 16: Creative Commission Playmat (Benjamin Giletti) playmat
top 8: Acrylic Borealis Runner ID (Jakuza) plastic card
top 4: Invite to Intercontinentals Event Invite
champion: Championship Belt trophy + 2022 World Championship Bye first-round bye + 2022 [Continent] Continental Champion title

Continental Championships are broad, global tournaments covering specific regions of the world. They are run by NISEI. Prizes are mailed to participants after the tournament via NISEI's global distribution network.

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