Legal cardpool up to: Uprising
MWL: Standard Ban List 20.06
Format: standard

decklist is mandatory!

Registration starts: 10:30 (local time)
Tournament starts: 11:00 (local time)
Contact: projectnisei@gmail.com

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2020 NISEI Continental Championships
location: online
date tournament
2020.08.08. NISEI Intercontinental Championship
2020.08.01. NISEI American Continental Championship
2020.07.25. NISEI Europe and Africa Continental Championship
2020.07.18. NISEI Asia-Pacific Continental Championship

2020 NISEI Continentals

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Watch as the 24 of the most competitive players in Netrunner, duke it out for the title of Intercontinental Champion 2020


Event Starts at 11am UTC Saturday 8th August

Normally, any tournament of this size would start with four rounds of Swiss, followed by a cut to top four. However, these players have already proven they are ‘top cut material’, so we will employ a special format that cuts right to the chase:

Survival Swiss.

The rules:

  • Paired like Swiss, but each round is a single game.

  • Sides will be chosen based on whichever deck has seen the least play. If tied, sides will be chosen at random.

  • A player has 3 lives and loses a life each game they lose, once they have lost 3 games (and thus their lives) they are eliminated from the event

  • Single match Swiss continues until all players but one have lost three games. (Players can play the same player twice, although they will be weighted not to)

  • The last standing player is our Intercontinental Champion.

And what exclusive Intercontinental prizes are they playing for?

Champion: Worlds bye

Top 8: Colossus playmat (art by Krembler)

All: Plastic Hoshiko Shiro flip identity (art by Luminita Pham)

All: Daily Business Show* alt art (art by David Lei)

All: Preemptive Action alt art (art by Olie Boldador)

*Daily Business Show’s alt art features an errata from the upcoming Comprehensive Rules 1.5 update. As this card’s errata was already complete, we are able to offer it with its new text ahead of time. The previously printed text for Daily Business show will remain in effect until CR 1.5 is released.

2020 NISEI Intercontinental Championship
participation: 3x Preemptive Action alternate art card + 3x Daily Business Show alternate art card + Hoshiko Shiro plastic card
top 8: Colossus playmat
champion: World Championship Bye first-round bye

Prize support for the invite only Intercontinental Event.

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Number of players: 24
only swiss rounds, no top cut

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Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 qvm Yellow AgMarine - 1st Intercontinentals (undefeated) Nix mehr zu tun - 1st intercontinentals
#2 RotomAppliance Coffee shop Palana - 2nd Intercontinentals Engolo Leela - 2nd Intercontinentals
#3 whiteblade111 Asa Group Hoshiko Shiro
#4 ChrisFerg Tablet Asa (1st, 19th, 20th at European/African Continentals Intercontinentals Waltz (4th at Intercontinentals)
#5 greyfield Greed 2: Ruse Control (5th Intercontinentals, Undefeated) The Leela Effect (5th Intercontinentals)
#6 enkoder [6th @ InterCon] Apoc bois get lost in Crisium [6th @ InterCon] Tony Hawk
#7 SimonMoon Asa Group Leela Patel
#8 MelkorsFolly 2-1 @ Intercontinentals - 8th Place - Always Be Restoring 1-2 @ Intercontinentals - 8th Place - The Apoc Guru
#9 Labbes I changed one card and it was a bad idea Best Geist EU
#10 Ohm GameNET Armand "Geist" Walker
#11 Cpt_nice Not gambling, surprise mechanics! (2-1 at Intercontinentals) The Notorious B.I.G. Mum (1-2 Intercontinentals)
#12 cableCarnage Convergent Evolution (2-1 at Intercontinentals) Leela likes big programs a bit less (1-2 at Intercontinentals)
#13 BECKETT28 Asa Group Hoshiko Shiro
#14 Syd7 Asa Group Hoshiko Shiro
#15 Mortivor Asa Group Adam
#16 YsengrinSC Intercontinentals Intercontinentals
#17 Pinsel Asa Group Armand "Geist" Walker
#18 miek The Outfit Freedom Khumalo
#19 Inactivist GameNET Freedom Khumalo
#20 Bridgeman Four pad campaigns (1-1) 20th place Intercontinentals Famous Dragons - Tagme Hoshiko (7th at Asia contintentals)
#21 Tradon Argus Invitational freedom invitational
#22 NetDad GameNET Valencia Estevez
#23 stoppableforce GameNET Hoshiko Shiro
#24 nbkelly Cheeky Palana (last place 0 - 1 intercontinentals) It's all been troped (last place at intercontinentals)

Players going (17)