Netherlands, Leiden

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Legal cardpool up to: Blood and Water
Format: other

Starting time: 11:00 (local time)
Store/venue: De Tafelridder
Address: Oude Herengracht 11A, 2312 LN Leiden, Netherlands
Contact: kelfe

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The Annual Blitz event is back and this time, boy do we have a lot of awesome stuff for you! After its success in the last two years and after plenty of feedback from the community, we are bringing it back even stronger!

Just like we did in the past 2 years, we will be running the event on a single day with a Swiss format of 6 to 7 rounds, each one consisting of 35 minutes each.

Bring your wackiest and fastest decks you have and join us in Leiden at De Tafelridder for a day of quick Netrunner. Play with high stakes as the prizes provided for the top finishers will be beyond awesome!

We kindly advise people to not bring slow decks, or decks that they do not know all that well (e.g. first time playing Geist, Mooninites or CI Glacier). Fast playing is key for the Blitz event to be fun.

This is a community-ran event with half of the prize pool being provided by the store and the other half by the community. Therefore, half of the proceedings will go back to the community!

Swift plays can either be rewarding or just lead you to a fast flatline. Are you up for the speedruns? ;)

Tournament Format: Structured Blitz (Casual but with 35 minutes per round)

Location ~ Leiden ~ De Tafelridder

Information subject to change on the store owner's or TO's discretion!

TO: Constantine Kelfecil Chr
Sign up: 11:00
Start 11:15
Price of admission: 15,- €
Prizes: Lots and lots of rare things! (Check picture post below)
Rounds: 6 to 7
(Tournament will go as fast as a normal one since the rounds are so short)

PLEASE SIGN-UP if you're coming so that we know who to expect!

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Videos (3)
Round 1 | Yi (Smoke/EtF) vs Rene (Tennin/Los) (35:10)
Yi - Rene
Round 2 | Kelf (Smoke/Jemison) vs Rene (Tennin/Los) (34:59)
Kelfecil - Rene
Round 3 | Kelf (Smoke/Jemison) vs Yi (EtF/Smoke) (31:48)
Kelfecil - Yi

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Number of players: 3
only swiss rounds, no top cut

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Swiss rounds
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#1 Kelfecil Inniscor's Mars ONE Hyper Light Smoke (Spanish Nationals 5th/6th)
#2 Rene Tennin Institute LOS
#3 Yi Engineering the Future Ele "Smoke" Scovak

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