United States, PA, Philadelphia

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Legal cardpool up to: Midnight Sun
MWL: Standard Ban List 22.09
Format: other

decklist is not required

Registration starts: 18:00 (local time)
Tournament starts: 18:30 (local time)
Store/venue: Pennsylvania Convention Center
Address: 1101 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA
Contact: patrick.r.kidd@gmail.com

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Rules are as follows:

  1. The minimum donation for entry is $10. If you feel that you can give more, please do!
    You can provide a receipt showing a donation to a food insecurity/houselesness charity in your local area, or you can give me your entry fee (cash, Paypal and Venmo all accepted) and I will make a donation after the tournament to a relevant cause of the champion's choice.

  2. To get your decks started you must join the yellow-sun channel on the GLC Discord.
    Roll $jank corp and then $jank runner three times each in the yellow-sun channel. PLEASE DO THESE ROLLS IN A THREAD so the channel does not get too cluttered.

  3. When you have your rolls, pick one roll from each side that you like the look of and build a deck around the cards it provided you.

  4. Re-rolls:
    4a. You get one free mulligan that can be used to roll a fourth time on EITHER side (not both) if you don't like any of the 3 options. If you use this mulligan option YOU MUST USE THE NEW ROLL, even if you think it is worse than the original 3.
    4a ii. If the Jank gods are cruel and all 6 of your picks are truly unplayable I may allow you to roll once more for both sides in return for an increased donation.
    4b. The following IDs are not legal for Janksgiving in addition to rotated IDs: Cyber Bureau, The Shadow, The Syndicate, The Catalyst, The Masque, New Angeles Sol.
    4c. If one of your $jank rolls contains one of the above IDs you may re-roll it for free as many times as necessary to get a legal ID in addition to your one standard mulligan re-roll. This also applies if you roll one of the above IDs in your mulligan re-roll.
    4d. If Sahasrara is naughty and gives you the same card twice in the same roll you may re-roll it for free as many times as necessary to have three unique non-ID cards in the roll in addition to your one standard mulligan re-roll.
    4e. I reserve the right to decide a roll is too strong. It's no fun playing jank against someone with good decks.

  5. Deck building rules are as follows:
    5a. You must use the ID included in the roll you pick.
    5b. Your deck must include 3 copies of each card rolled in your deck. The gods have given you these cards for a reason. It would be rude to leave them out.
    5bi. If a rolled card, eg Luminal Transubstantiation, specifies that it is 1 per deck you must still include a full playset of 3 copies in your deck.
    5c. Every identity has 5 TOTAL influence to spend on ADDITIONAL out of faction cards, regardless of the ID's normal printed influence values.
    5d. Cards listed in the $jank rolls you choose DO NOT count against your influence limit. If they are out of faction you must include 3 copies each in addition to the 5 influence points you can spend freely.
    5e. All other Standard Format deckbuilding rules apply. Standard card pool and ban list (unless you get lucky and roll a banned card!) Every ID must use its printed minimum deck size and Corp decks must maintain a standard agenda density for their size.

  6. Tournament format: This will be a casual level event, meaning an appropriate number of swiss rounds for the number of players, and no top cut. Exact event start time will be confirmed ASAP.

  7. Have fun with it! This isn't meant to be a tournament for elite strats. Lean in to the jank and maybe bring some other cards you wouldn't normally put in decks if the opportunity and synergy is there.

Additional prizes and information

Door prize is a playset of Fully Operational alt arts by Kalypso.

Winner gets the Janksgiving trophy, the right to design next year's door prize and the right to choose the charity that receives the collected group donation.

Other prizes available based on communit donations

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