Canada, Toronto

Legal cardpool up to: Midnight Sun
MWL: Standard Ban List 22.08
Format: other

decklist is not required

Registration starts: 08:30 (local time)
Tournament starts: 10:00 (local time)
Address: 123 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5H, Canada

2022 World Championship Weekend
location: Canada
date tournament
2022.10.09. 2022 Startup World Championship
2022.10.08. 2022 World Championship
2022.10.07. 2022 Crown of Servers Team Tournament

The 2022 World Championship Weekend is a celebration of all things Netrunner. It will consist of three separate tournaments.

A $75 one-size-fits-all ticket will allow entry to all events, or there are $30 individual event tickets for any of the three events.

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IMPORTANT: Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination IS REQUIRED to be added to the tournament roster. We will be providing KF94 masks and requiring their use.

2022 COSTT

2022 Crown of Servers Team Tournament

Day 1 of the World Championship Weekend. No Decklists. All Event Pass OR Event Ticket Required (Click Here). NISEI Standard Format + Extra Rules (See Below).

Registration for this event begins October 7th at 8:30AM in the Osgoode Ballroom of the Sheraton Centre Hotel, and ends at 10:00AM. It will be in Standard format, no deck lists required, and will consist of 5-6 rounds of Swiss lasting 65 minutes each. There will be no Cut. There will be a tiebreaker if the top teams end on matched points.

A lunch break will take place around 12:30-12:45PM. This will be 60 minutes, followed by round pairings. We may take a few minutes to get rolling back into the event, no longer than 10-15, after the lunch period ends. Plan accordingly. Look for lunch spots. Be back on time, or you your entire team could forfeit their first round of games.

This will be a 3-person team tournament in the style of grand ol’ King of Servers. Submit your team’s info via this Google Form. There is a cap of 100 teams for the event. You can find out how many teams are registered by checking the Team Roster. Everyone on your team must have their own All Events Pass or Crown of Servers Ticket to participate.

Teams will be required to represent all three main Runner factions (Anarch, Criminal, Shaper) with no duplicates on the team. Minifactions (Adam, Apex, Sunny) may be swapped in place of a main faction, but again no duplicates. Teams will also need to represent 3 of the 4 Corp factions (Haas Bioroid, Jiteki, NBN, Weyland) with no duplicates.

For those unfamiliar with how this traditionally works, teams will be paired based on their combined win/loss records, then players will pair off individually in order of highest ranked players to lowest ranked players within their teams. We won't be strictly enforcing individual pairings, but generally we expect the best players to duel each other unless there's personal scores to settle.

Table talk and banter are fully allowed, including showing cards to your teammates. This more in the spirit of fun and teamwork than someone literally piloting decks that aren't theirs, so teams are allowed to call judges for slow play and observation if there's suspected abuse of this rule. During the last 5 minutes of each round, all table talk is expected to cease.


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NISEI Code of Conduct
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