Legal cardpool up to: Salvaged Memories
MWL: Standard Ban List 20.09
Format: other

decklist is mandatory!

Registration starts: 00:00 (local time)
Tournament starts: 06:30 (local time)
Contact: vesper@cyberpunk.me

runner IDs
corp IDs
runner factions
corp factions
runner IDs
corp IDs
runner factions
corp factions
location: online
date tournament
2021.06.20. Lockdown #15 - The Living Lockdowns
2021.04.25. Lockdown #14 - Unlocking the Gateways
2021.03.28. Lockdown #13 - The Luckiest of Lockdowns
2021.02.28. Lockdown #12 - The Lockdown Dozen
2021.01.31. Lockdown #11 - Oh No! More Lockdown
2020.11.14. Lockdown #10 - Special Edition
2020.10.18. Lockdown #9 - The Rise of Lockdown
2020.09.20. Lockdown #8 - Live and Lockdown
2020.08.09. Lockdown #7
2020.06.28. Lockdown #6
2020.05.30. Lockdown #5
2020.05.09. Iberian Lockdown #4
2020.04.18. Iberian Lockdown #3 - An Online Event
2020.04.04. Iberian Lockdown #2 - An Online Event
2020.03.22. Iberian Lockdown #1 - An Online Event

A series of friendly and casual events online meant to invigorate the meta with custom card bans for each edition and the Diversified Portfolio ID point system.

More information here

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Lockdown 12 - The Lockdown Dozen

The second season of Lockdown continues!

(A reminder that "local time" for this event = this)

Anyone and everyone is welcome to sign up, as long as you can participate in both the Swiss rounds (4) and the Top Cut games (double elimination).

Dropping out for whatever reason is allowed but will make us all sad. You have been warned.


Actual registration ONLY THROUGH THIS FORM - if you registered via ABR, you are not automatically included in the event, sorry! This is due to the specific requirements for player/deck information before the game.

Technical requirements

  • a stable internet connection
  • access to jinteki.net
  • access to Discord - discordapp.com (voice communications optional but encouraged) - tournament channel is here - join the #lockdown channel and use the #roles channel to assign the Lockdown role to your account

Event structure:

  1. Player meeting on Discord (around 20 minutes before start of Round 1)
  2. 4 Swiss rounds of 65 minutes maximum each. Breaks of 5-10 minutes between each round, as required, at TO's discrection.
  3. X minute break before Top Cut (as agreed with the Top Cut Players)
  4. Top 4 Cut - double elimination (40 minute per game). Decklists might be public, depending on the joint decision of the Top 4 Cut participants. The games in the Final are not timed.
  5. Finalist stream chat + Q&A!

ID choice & deckbuilding restrictions

  • Each legal Runner and Corp ID has a score attributed to it, going from -1 (special case) up to 10.
  • Players are allowed to freely pick any Runner and Corp ID to participate with, as long as the sum of their scores (their "ID score") is 10 or less.
  • As an extra incentive to pick less powerful/popular IDs and diversify the field, the "ID score" is considered the primary tie breaker for Swiss ranking in this format. For example, if two players both are at 12 tournament points after round four of Swiss, the player with an "ID score" of 4 would be higher ranked than the player with a score of 9. In case of a tie, Strength of Schedule and extended SoS will still determine ranking as per usual. Ah, one more thing...

THE EXPERIMENT CONTINUES! MAXIMUM LOCKDOWN v2.0 (with greetings to Dunsch97 & the Rosenheim City Grid)

Time to morph and mutate the additional extra incentives!
Both for Runner and Corp decks that meet any of the requirements listed below, your final ID score will be lowered by 1 (one) extra ID point for each requirement that you meet. How does that work in quasi-mathematical terms?

  1. You choose a Runner and a Corp from the pool the sum of which does not exceed -1 or 10 (as per the usual Lockdown rules).
  2. You build your decks following the regular deck building rules and the Lockdown ban lists.
  3. You check them for the optional requirements below.
  4. If your decks meet a requirement, your final ID score is lowered by 1 ID point for each requirement met per each deck (to a maximum of 8 points).

All of the following are optional and each one is worth 1 ID point for the purpose of the tiebreaker ID score:

  • The deck uses 2/3rds of the IDs printed influence points (rounded up to the nearest full number) (that means: 17 for 25 influence point IDs, 12 for 17 influence point IDs, 10 for 15 influence point IDs, 8 for 12 influence point IDs, 7 for 10 influence point IDs)
  • The deck includes only incomplete play sets of all cards in it (fewer than 3 copies of a card in most cases, fewer than 6 or 1 copy in other cases, as per text on the card).
  • The deck does not include cards of all different types available for the side (Corps: Asset, Upgrade, ICE, Operation // Runners: Event, Program, Hardware, Resource).
  • The deck is bigger than the legally minimal amount of cards that are listed on the ID (Corps: printed card minimum + agenda point modifier of +4 cards // Runners: printed card minimum) by AT LEAST FOUR CARDS For example, if your ID says that the smallest amount of cards you can have is 45 for CORP, you need to have at least 53 cards in it for it to meet this requirement. For a 45 minimum card RUNNER deck, the requirement would be at least 49. (thanks for all the feedback, Lockdown 13 will see this one tweaked!)

Outside of these rules, the game plays identically to Standard format. Rotation and the latest Ban List are in effect (in this case SBL 20.09).

Question: Does the ID point limit count for using DJ Fenris ?
Answer: YES IT DOES - YOU CAN'T dance to DJ FENRIS with another RUNNER that has an illegal/excessive ID cost.
Runner ID + Corp ID + Runner ID hosted on DJ Fenris have to have an ID cost equal to or lower than 10


There will be streaming happening, mainly via Twitch. All explicit requests to be streamed will be considered.

If you are not OK with being on the stream with your game(s), please put "DNS" at the end of your table name on jinteki.net during the tournament (but do allow spectators, for TO calls!). All requests to not be streamed will be honoured. You can absolutely change your mind about being on/off stream in between rounds - just don't forget to use the "DNS" code, it will make my life much easier, thanks!

If you want to co-stream the event, please coordinate with the TO to avoid crossing the streams (they say it's dangerous). Also, consider getting a free listing in the community directory.


Corp ID cost

-1 ID Point (also known as "The Current Card Subtype Memorial Option")

New Angeles Sol: Your News -1

0 ID Points

Cybernetics Division: Humanity Upgraded
Harmony Medtech: Biomedical Pioneer

1 ID Point

Harishchandra Ent.: Where You're the Star
Haas-Bioroid: Stronger Together
NBN: Making News

2 ID Points

Haarpsichord Studios: Entertainment Unleashed
Hyoubu Institute: Absolute Clarity
Nisei Division: The Next Generation
Seidr Laboratories: Destiny Defined

3 ID Points

Weyland Consortium: Building a Better World

4 ID Points

Jinteki Biotech: Life Imagined
Acme Consulting: The Truth You Need
Chronos Protocol: Selective Mind-mapping
Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within

5 ID Points

Haas-Bioroid: Architects of Tomorrow
Jemison Astronautics: Sacrifice. Audacity. Success.
Saraswati Mnemonics: Endless Exploration
Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach
GameNET: Where Dreams are Real
Weyland Consortium: Builder of Nations

6 ID Points

SYNC: Everything, Everywhere
Earth Station: SEA Headquarters
SSO Industries: Fueling Innovation

7 ID Points

Blue Sun: Powering the Future

8 ID Points

MirrorMorph: Endless Iteration

9 ID Points

Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed
Jinteki: Replicating Perfection
Pālanā Foods: Sustainable Growth
Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home

10 ID Points

AgInfusion: New Miracles for a New World
Jinteki: Personal Evolution
NBN: Controlling the Message
Asa Group: Security Through Vigilance
The Outfit: Family Owned and Operated
Titan Transnational: Investing In Your Future


Runner ID cost

0 ID Points

Apex: Invasive Predator
Iain Stirling: Retired Spook
Khan: Savvy Skiptracer
Laramy Fisk: Savvy Investor
Nero Severn: Information Broker

1 ID Point

Chaos Theory: Wünderkind
Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional

2 ID Points

Jesminder Sareen: Girl Behind the Curtain
Silhouette: Stealth Operative
Los: Data Hijacker
Nathaniel "Gnat" Hall: One-of-a-Kind

3 ID Points

Akiko Nisei: Head Case
Null: Whistleblower
Az McCaffrey: Mechanical Prodigy

4 ID Points

Omar Keung: Conspiracy Theorist
Quetzal: Free Spirit

5 ID Points

Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker
Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter

6 ID Points

Alice Merchant: Clan Agitator
Ken "Express" Tenma: Disappeared Clone
Lat: Ethical Freelancer
MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock

7 ID Points

Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer
Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman
Adam: Compulsive Hacker

8 ID Points

Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist

9 ID Points

Ele "Smoke" Scovak: Cynosure of the Net
Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe

10 ID Points

419: Amoral Scammer
Armand "Geist" Walker: Tech Lord
Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist
Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar
Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist
Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist

Thanks to the supporters and sponsors of the series. Your support makes the prizes better!

Carl H
Finn B
Laurent B
Steff P
Tim H

Additional prizes and information

This is a community-sponsored event and there are no entry fees.

The winner gets immortal glory & a streamed final game with commentary as a gift.

The physical prize pool depends on the amount in the tip jar. Donations are completely optional and not required for the event to take place.

Please note that due to the current global situation getting physical prizes sent to you might take a while - thank you for understanding!

The tip jar is here. If you are not happy with the available tip jar option and would like to contribute in a different way, please contact the organizer - thank you!

If you are a community artist/creator and would like to showcase/promote your work on stream/during the tournament, please contact the organizer - thank you!

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Number of players: 17
Top cut players: 4
concluded by: vesper
conflicts: strict

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Top cut
rank player corp runner
#1 Krasty Dancing on the edge (Lockdown Dozen winner) Good bye, ould friend (Lockdown Dozen winner)
#2 Humblejuggernaut GameNET: Where Dreams are Real Silhouette: Stealth Operative
#3 Longi Dirty Consultants (3rd at Lockdown Dozen) Dirty Lat (3rd at Lockdown Dozen)
#4 ArminFirecracker Acme (4th @Lockdown 12) Event Lat (4th @Lockdown 12)

Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 Humblejuggernaut GameNET: Where Dreams are Real Silhouette: Stealth Operative
#2 ArminFirecracker Acme (4th @Lockdown 12) Event Lat (4th @Lockdown 12)
#3 Krasty Dancing on the edge (Lockdown Dozen winner) Good bye, ould friend (Lockdown Dozen winner)
#4 Longi Dirty Consultants (3rd at Lockdown Dozen) Dirty Lat (3rd at Lockdown Dozen)
#5 DeeR Hyoubu Institute: Absolute Clarity MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock
#6 Jamil Weyland Consortium: Building a Better World Los: Data Hijacker
#7 theoneakaneo Transactional Chaotic Mess (l12) Maxx Crazy 88 (l12)
#8 mcg L12: Sub Boost L12 - Ice Destruction CompiLation
#9 wiserunner Spy Tech Harischandra #9 Lockdown 12 Where is my Khuyshuk? #9 In Lockdown 12
#10 Odol Harmony Medtech: Biomedical Pioneer Ele "Smoke" Scovak: Cynosure of the Net
#11 Dunsch Lockdown 12 Corp Lockdown 12 Runner 2
#12 Jtfq99999 Stronger Together Nathaniel "Gnat" Hall
#13 mildesorte10 Weyland Consortium: Building a Better World Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman
#14 willybn1 Lockdown 12: Feb 2021. WLLW Lockdown 12: Feb 2021. LLLW
#15 Shorty Building a Better World Akiko Nisei
#16 Deus Mortis Lockdown #12 Nation of Killers Lockdown #12 Reavershop Wu
#17 unclaimed unclaimed

Registered players (15)