Legal cardpool up to: Uprising
MWL: Standard Ban List 20.09
Format: other

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corp factions
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corp IDs
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2020 NISEI Store Championship
Top 16: House of Knives alternate art card
Top 8: Project Beale alternate art card
top 4: Tollbooth playmats playmat
champion: NISEI Regional Bye first-round bye
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Swiss rounds
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Number of players: 15
only swiss rounds, no top cut
concluded by: Shiiuga
conflicts: strict

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Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 internet Janksgiving Winning Harishchandra Janksgiving Winning Ken
#2 Shiiuga Presidential 'Transition' Team - 2nd place Janksgiving Maw19 - 2nd place Janksgiving 2020
#3 bahram aka saetzero Weyland Consortium: Builder of Nations Jesminder Sareen: Girl Behind the Curtain
#4 CooK_eD Janksgiving GameNet Janktivist Akiko
#5 solemnstorm Chronos Protocol: Selective Mind-mapping Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist
#6 analyzechris Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within 419: Amoral Scammer
#7 Wakks Harishchandra Ent.: Where You're the Star Akiko Nisei: Head Case
#8 neuromaxim Titan Transnational: Investing In Your Future Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional
#9 meetingadjourned SSO Industries: Fueling Innovation Khan: Savvy Skiptracer
#10 CowboyTintin Happy Jinja Janksgiving! Janksgiving Broadcast
#11 athe AgInfusion: New Miracles for a New World MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock
#12 redino987 Jinteki: Replicating Perfection Lat: Ethical Freelancer
#13 OnTheNightrain Asa Group: Security Through Vigilance Iain Stirling: Retired Spook
#14 Koschei The Outfit: Family Owned and Operated Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional
#15 internet_potato Haas-Bioroid: Stronger Together Iain Stirling: Retired Spook

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