United Kingdom, Oxford

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Legal cardpool up to: Martial Law
MWL: unknown
Format: standard

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Tournament starts: 11:00 (local time)
Contact: guypatching@googlemail.com

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(as an aside if you do want to come could you either indicate on this event page of e-mail me guypatching@googlemail.com if you want to attend. On the door arrival is also fine - just want to get an idea of numbers!)


Calling all Netrunner players! But especially YOU, no not them, YOU! You, who have never won a playmat, who have no store champtionships to your name, who goes to many a Store Championship but fears that the titans of Netrunner will forever crush you.

Now is your time to shine!

Oxford will not have a Store Championship during this Store Championship season because, as they say on Facebook, "It's Complicated". But, Oxford will make lemonade with its lemons (or it will make wonderful jank with its bad cards, if you prefer a Netrunner metaphor).

So who can attend this netrunner tournament?

Anyone! I especially want to encourage those who have not attended a tournament before to come along; I will be encouraging players to consider the event on the more "casual" level which means that the focus will be on learning, sharing & enjoyment rather than strict adherence to tournament floor rules.

This tournament will have a special rule to help make things more difficult for people who already have a treasure trove of glory at their disposal. The police of New Angeles have noted your proclivity for running and as such YOU are being placed on an extended Most Wanted List.

To be more specific, I am going to apply the following reduction in influence for your runner & Corp decks on the following basis:

For each occasion you have won a Mat or an Alt Art ID by placing highly at a tournament you must deduct 1 point of influence from the amount of influence that you may spend on each deck. The maximum penalty for this, however is 4.

If you have actually won a Store Championship or higher, I will impose a penalty of 2 points of influence from the amount of influence you may spend on each deck. The maximum penalty for this is 6 (these penalties are cumulative with the above, but the highest total penalty any player can have is 6).

For Example: Dave and Liz are both attending the tournament. Dave has won one mat by placing third at a Store Championship and recently one an Alt Art ID at a GNK, so he takes a -2 hit to influence on both of his decks. If he chooses to play Custom Biotics and Noise he gets 20 influence to spend in Custom Biotics and 13 to spend in Noise. Liz, however, has won 2 store championships and won a mat at a regional. She starts with a 5 point influence penalty to her decks. When she chooses to play NEH and Kate (I am starting to see why Liz rather than Dave is the winner more often) she has 12 points to spend on NEH and 10 points to spend on Kate. //

I will, however, consider accepting "briibes" (or "bribes" as they are better called) which will come in the form of contributing to the prize pool. If you have spare alt arts/boxes/mats which you can offer to pass on to other Netrunnererers then your influence penalty can be reduced (details upon enquiry).

So come on down those who have never won anything before, the regular winners will be weaker, ready for the taking! ! It is tiiime to wiiiin!

As this is an event I am funding myself, I will be asking for a variant donation for playing in the tournament. My suggested will be between £3-10 to try and cover the cost of room hire and the prize support (which I am gradually buying). I am going to leave it up to people to decide on their own entrance fee; some people who play the game are students/unemployed and I wouldn't want to put them off too much, but equally I am sure at least one of you is a secret billionaire so cough up.

So far the prizes should include

2 x Day Job
1 x Run Amok
1 x Activist Support
1 x Leela Patel

2 x Run Amok

Alt Art Cards:
5 Jackson Howards
3 Hedge Funds
1 Ken Tenma
2 Political Operatives
10 Plascrete Carapaces
6 Pop up Windows
4 Swordsman
5 Ice Walls
1 Corroder
1 Bank Job

Some tokens!

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Number of players: 22
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Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 Brightsides The Final SeanModernism-Winner of Oxford Not-a-Store-Champs Smoke is quite good, isn't she?- Winner of Oxford's thing.
#2 Noah Waterfield Price Less tracers CTM (Oxford not SC) Dumblefork (Oxford not SC)
#3 TR1S Oxford Not a Store Champ Oxford Not a Store Champ
#4 Tomb Near-Earth Hub Andromeda
#5 Jamesm Engineering the Future Kate "Mac" McCaffrey
#6 Conrad Cybernetics Division Ken "Express" Tenma
#7 Devencire Hasty Remutation (event) Frantic Whizzard Costume (event)
#8 Jamesk Engineering the Future Leela Patel
#9 twisty_b Oxford not-SC / Pālanā Oxford not-SC / Andromeda
#10 Andreas Personal Evolution Ele "Smoke" Scovak
#11 emilyspine Oxford CtM Oxford Dumble
#12 BlankFate One Man Army Palana - Oxford Non-SC 14/1/17 New World Order MaxX - Oxford Non-SC 14/1/17
#13 Cliquil Engineering the Future Andromeda
#14 Scott Blue Sun Leela Patel
#15 Lara Personal Evolution Omar Keung
#16 Javier Replicating Perfection Gabriel Santiago
#17 Daniel Spark Agency Andromeda
#18 Sam Engineering the Future Ele "Smoke" Scovak
#19 Romain Near-Earth Hub MaxX
#20 Tabi Architects of Tomorrow Rielle "Kit" Peddler
#21 Sergio Potential Unleashed Ele "Smoke" Scovak
#22 Leigh Blue Sun Sunny Lebeau

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