United Kingdom, Bristol

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Legal cardpool up to: Quorum
MWL: unknown

decklist is not required

Tournament starts: 18:30 (local time)
Store/venue: Area 51
Address: 230 Gloucester Rd, Bristol BS7 8NZ, UK

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Need some PADs? Fancy winning a shiny hedge fund? or maybe some other alt-arts from the back catalogue? New to netrunner and don't have many cards yet but would like to play competitively? Or perhaps just fancy something a little different to the standard tournament?

Then have we got some rounds of swiss for you!

The schedule will be as usual: 6.30pm start, four 1hr rounds with 5m breaks between. All tournament legal cards released by the 22nd will be OK. £5 entry

Due to size, there is a 16 player cap.

This will be a format event, for those who don't know this, it's the following:
a. your cardpool is limited to: 1 core, 1 deluxe, 1 pack and 1 full playset of a single card.
b. You can have different cardpools for runner and corp.
c. MWL does NOT apply
d. Errata DO apply (so WNP is unique, astro 1/deck)
e. You can play any normal ID (it doesn't have to be within your cardpool)

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Number of players: 3
only swiss rounds, no top cut

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Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 Aaryn Byrne Near-Earth Hub Kate "Mac" McCaffrey
#2 Oliver Matthews SYNC Ele "Smoke" Scovak
#3 Tim Fowler Controlling the Message Noise

Players going (2)