United Kingdom, Cheltenham

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Legal cardpool up to: Quorum
MWL: unknown
Format: standard

decklist is mandatory!

Tournament starts: 11:00 (local time)

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Welcome to Proud Lion's 2017 Android Netrunner Store Championship! This Tournament will be hosted at the Holiday Inn Express in Cheltenham in associations with the folks at Netrunners.co.uk.

The event is open to all Android Netrunner players of any experience level. Players are welcome to bring food, but all drinks must be purchased from the venue bar (no outside drinks are permitted).

The closest parking is The Brewery Quarter NCP, but this is very expensive at £14 for the day. A better option could be the Cheltenham Borough Council-operated High Street car park, across the road from the hotel where all-day parking is currently £5.50. Options further afield include the North Place and Portland Street car parks.

If travelling by train, the venue is a short bus journey away using the D service from Cheltenham Spa train station. If you get off in the town centre, you'll find the venue is just a short walk.

Registration starts @ 11.00 (in the hotel bar area)
First round begins @ 11.30

Please note, that the Most Wanted List will of course be in effect for this event.

Prizes include the Store Championship Kit, and as always the wonderful Netrunners.co.uk team will be providing a number of additional prizes! This additional prize support will be tiered depending on number of participants and will be revealed nearer the event.

Tickets are £5 each and are available in store at Proud Lion or via the ticket link below. Advance ticket holders will be entered into an additional prize draw! Prize TBC.

Store Championship Kit contains:

Top 32 - The top thirty-two players will each receive a copy of the alternate art card “Pad Campaign” - an easy, hands-off investment that can pay for itself…If you can protect it.

Top 8 - The top eight players will each receive a deckbox to hold your assets and hardware in.

Top 4 - The top four players will each receive a playmat depicting some Anarchs ready to run amok.

Top 2 - The top two players will each receive a printed acrylic token to be used with the card "Femme Fatale".

First Place - The winner will receive a color printed plaque and a first round bye (not pictured) to a 2017 Android: NetrunnerRegional Championship of their choice!

Please note that the end time is STC.

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Number of players: 37
Top cut players: 4

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Top cut
rank player corp runner
#1 Tim Fowler Near-Earth Hub Whizzard
#2 Circadia Violet CI Turbo Vamp with Slums (2nd place Cheltenham SC)
#3 Alex Hilson Engineering the Future Whizzard
#4 Chris Dyer Near-Earth Hub Whizzard

Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 Chris Dyer Near-Earth Hub Whizzard
#2 Tim Fowler Near-Earth Hub Whizzard
#3 Alex Hilson Engineering the Future Whizzard
#4 Circadia Violet CI Turbo Vamp with Slums (2nd place Cheltenham SC)
#5 Aaryn Byrne Pālanā Foods Andromeda
#6 Phoenix You're On CI Combo Right? 3-1 Proud Lion Store Championships Why Do You Need That Many Credits? Undefeated, Proud Lion SC
#7 Dave Hoyland Near-Earth Hub Whizzard
#8 Mark Mottram Near-Earth Hub Whizzard
#9 Alex White Near-Earth Hub Whizzard
#10 TR1S Rattleheck 2.0 War Stories - Cheltenham SC 2017
#11 Neil Gorst Gagarin Deep Space Valencia Estevez
#12 Don Bowden Cerebral Imaging Valencia Estevez
#13 Hailey Friendly IG (2nd at Brighton SC) Banksy Smoke (Swansea SC Winner)
#14 Martin Paul Team Turtles (1st Place, Sydney SC, 11/2/2017) Andy Strikes Back 2.0
#15 Dave Paterson Controlling the Message Whizzard
#16 Tom Blackburn Near-Earth Hub Andromeda
#17 Scott Seamons Pālanā Foods Valencia Estevez
#18 Chris Harrison Building a Better World Andromeda
#19 Ian Gallagher Engineering the Future Armand "Geist" Walker
#20 Lin Kirby Engineering the Future Whizzard
#21 Mark Hamilton Controlling the Message Sunny Lebeau
#22 Steve Bates Potential Unleashed MaxX
#23 Bryn Rogers Titan Transnational Noise
#24 Grant Haines Near-Earth Hub MaxX
#25 Stuart Kirny Titan Transnational The Professor
#26 Mark Broadbridge SYNC Ele "Smoke" Scovak
#27 John B Cerebral Imaging Kate "Mac" McCaffrey
#28 Joshi Beazley Engineering the Future Kate "Mac" McCaffrey
#29 Sixtyten Maris Piper Queen Zero v3
#30 Phil Hawkins Engineering the Future Sunny Lebeau
#31 Andrew Henderson Argus Security Armand "Geist" Walker
#32 Stephen Kissane Pālanā Foods MaxX
#33 Hannah Vickers SYNC Ele "Smoke" Scovak
#34 Riley Lees Argus Security Whizzard
#35 Andy Smith Engineering the Future Rielle "Kit" Peddler
#36 Mark Rist Potential Unleashed Ele "Smoke" Scovak
#37 James Fletcher Building a Better World Andromeda

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