United Kingdom, Birmingham

Legal cardpool up to: Parhelion
MWL: not applicable
Format: startup

decklist is not required

Registration starts: 15:30 (local time)
Tournament starts: 16:00 (local time)
Store/venue: Geek Retreat Birmingham
Address: 18b Hall St, Birmingham B18 6BS, UK
Contact: finnjkeating@gmail.com, harmonbee#1659 on Discord

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Hi everyone!

We’re running a Startup tournament! In Birmingham! Yeah!

We’re gonna be playing three rounds to determine who is the best Startup player in all of Birmingham (and maybe adjacent regions too), but more importantly to have a lovely time. It’s going to be very casual, so should be an ideal space for those of you who’ve played a few games and are looking for a friendly space for your first tournament.

Entry is £5, which covers the cost of prizes (including participation prizes which everyone will get). There is a limit of 16 spaces for this tournament.

Here are all of the details you need to know:


We will be at Geek Retreat Birmingham (18b Hall St, Birmingham B18 6BS), which Google Maps says is a twenty minute walk from Birmingham New Street station or a short walk from St Pauls tram station. While it’s free to hire tables at the venue (the entry cost is solely to pay for prizes), they do not allow outside food and drink.

Timings and Format

The event is on Sunday 26th February, with registration open at 3:30pm and round 1 beginning at 4pm. Please arrive early enough to give yourself time to register! Also please contact me if you're running late.

We’ll be playing three rounds of 65 minutes, with a break between rounds 2 and 3 to get food. We’ll end by 8pm at the latest.

This tournament is in the Startup format, which means that all cards from System Gateway, System Update and Borealis (so Midnight Sun and Parhelion) are legal. If you're looking for deck ideas, any deck with the word Startup in it from roughly December 2022 should be good!


The prizes for this event are Kalypso’s Stained Glass Gateway IDs.

Everyone gets two IDs of their choice (subject to availability) at registration. If this is your first ever Netrunner tournament, you get a third.

The rest of the IDs will be distributed as follows (this is on top of the participation prizes):

  • First place: three additional IDs and a cheap trophy that I’ll hastily buy and customise.
  • Second place: three additional IDs.
  • 3rd and 4th: two additional IDs.
  • 5th-8th: one additional ID.

If I have any left over then we can work something out. I reserve the right to change this prize structure if we have only a few attendees, but the participation prizes will remain unchanged.

New players

If you’re new and nervous about coming to your first tournament, feel free to contact me if you’d like to talk about picking decks, what to expect from the tournament or anything else about Netrunner. I may be a bit slow to reply (third year PhD student life...) but I will get back to you when I can!


This is a casual tournament, sign up if you want a place (limit 16 players), £5 entry fee payable on the day, participation prizes and prizes for winning too.

Additional prizes and information

As it says in the above description, we have Kalypso’s Stained Glass Gateway IDs as the prize support for this event - including two IDs of your choice (subject to availability) as participation prizes. Check the full description for exact details on how they'll be given out!

We may also have some prizes donated by the community!

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Number of players: 14
only swiss rounds, no top cut
concluded by: harmonbee
conflicts: strict

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Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 znsolomon Shoot the Moon (1st Netbrummers Startup Tournament) Fortissimo (Startup - 1st Netbrummers Startup tournament)
#2 ORCH1D "Don't you remember?" 1st [Startup] Swiss Nats Deeper Dive [Baa Ram Wu]
#3 Ams Jinteki: Restoring Humanity Captain Padma Isbister: Intrepid Explorer
#4 MattOhNo Built to Last René "Loup" Arcemont
#5 TheRealLap Amazing Seamless Tag Fest [Startup] Liberté, Égalité, René
#6 Mandoline Pravdivost Consulting: Political Solutions René "Loup" Arcemont: Party Animal
#7 Alice Thule Subsea: Safety Below Captain Padma Isbister: Intrepid Explorer
#8 Hello Barrier Only Rigshooter Consistent Pressure
#9 Harper (l0velace) Meaningful Mammoth II [PH Startup] Symbols on a Spreadsheet [PH Startup]
#10 Lewis.P HB Startup [Startup] Remotes don't exist and can't hurt me 2.0
#11 snuggle [Startup] Personal Nightmare 94%WR [Startup] Run and Get Lucky - Netbrummers Startup Tournament
#12 toxicAvulsionist Startup Built to Last Startup Salonga
#13 AceEmpress Near-Earth Hub Nova Initiumia
#14 Reylynn Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design Captain Padma Isbister: Intrepid Explorer

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