United Kingdom, Portsmouth

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Legal cardpool up to: Daedalus Complex
MWL: unknown

decklist is mandatory!

Tournament starts: 10:00 (local time)
Contact: netrunnerales@gmail.com

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Netrunner & Ales: Game Night Tournament Format

AN:R & Ales - 2017 Q1 GNK, retaining a focus on a casual enjoyment of the game within a semi structured environment.

To have a bit of fun.

12th March 2017
Registration at 10:00am first game starts at 10:30am, anticipated finish 17:30

UK, Hampshire, Portsmouth, Fistful of Dice, 72 Elm Grove:

Fistful Of Dice Facebook
Fistful Of Dice Website

£5 until 12th Feb, then £6 afterwards

Tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis and will be able to be bought in advance from FoD website:

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Awards & Prizes
2017 Q1 GNK Tournament Kit

1 Core Set, 1 Deluxe, 1 Data Pack & 1 Card

*ID choice is not restricted by card pool (you can play an ID without selecting the box or pack it came in)
*You don’t need to use the same big box or Datapack for both Runner and Corp
*The 1 off card is a 1 set of. E.g. 3 copies of Jackson Howard without having Opening Moves being you pack of choice
*That’s a 1 set for runner then a 1 off set for Corp.
*No MWL in use
*Decklists are required and if possible include list of which data packs and big boxes where used
*A good reference can be found here:: Promotinal Poster (Thank you to the create of the image)

Overall it is expected to be your standard tournament structure.

  1. 4/5 games of Swiss.
  2. 1 game consists of 2 matches; players must play 1 match as the Corporation and 1 match as the Runner per game.
  3. Winning a match will give you 3 points, losing a match 0 points and if time is called the person who has the most agenda points will score 2 points.
  4. Time allocation for each game is 70mins, which allows 35mins per match, anticipated schedule including below:

10:30 > 11:45 – Game 1
11:45 > 13:00 – Game 2

13:00 > 13:30 – FOOD

13:30 > 14:45 – Game 3
14:45 > 16:00 – Game 4
16:00 > 17:15 – Game 5


  1. All Data Packs & Deluxe Expansions which are generally available 2 weeks prior to the event will be legal for the purposes of constructing your Card Pool.
  2. Alt Art cards are allowed as long as it is clear to both players what it is representing.
  3. Opaque or Pictured sleeves are required for all cards, with the exception of the ID & Click Tracker cards.
  4. Each player will need legal decks for both Corporation and Runner, the relevant tokens to play and deck lists.
  5. Latest FAQ will be followed; however we should all support friendly play and encourage helping each other out during the day


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Number of players: 12
only swiss rounds, no top cut

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Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 City_lights_receding Portsmouth (1st place Finish) Portsmouth (1st Place finish)
#2 Colin Wells Sync Maxx
#3 MotionBlur 1's SYNC v1.1 1's Kate
#4 Thomas Loades Titan Transnational Kit
#5 seeds34 HamingU Medtech (v0.7) Country Life - It's about Great Butter Not Great Britain (v0
#6 Tom Hudson Harmony Medtech Chaos Theory
#7 Toby CD Near-Earth Hub Kate
#8 Greg Adlum The Foundry Chaos Theory
#9 Scott Wallbank Jinteki: Potential Unleashed Leela Patel
#10 Dan Hill Making News Edward Kim
#11 Kyle Engineering the Future Ken "Express" Tenma
#12 Zoe Head Haas-Bioroid: Architects of Tomorrow Chaos Theory

Registered players (3)