Australia, Geelong

Legal cardpool up to: Midnight Sun
MWL: Standard Ban List 22.09
Format: startup

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Registration starts: 18:00 (local time)
Tournament starts: 18:30 (local time)
Store/venue: Guf Geelong
Address: 2/73 Malop St, Geelong VIC 3220, Australia
Contact: I'm active on discord: bennyboy212#2780 or feel free to email me

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Additional prizes and information

--door prizes-- your choice of 1 the following full arts x3
x24 Afshar
x24 House of Knives
x12 Chiyashi
x19 Nisei Mk II
x12 Project Beale
or x 1 of the following full arts
419: Amoral Scammer x5
Jinteki: Replicating Perfection x5

--prizes at the end--
We will go through 1st to last place to pick your prizes from a pool once again
Hakarl Playmat
Various full arts from worlds celebration pack or more leftover from the door prizes and my own collection

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Swiss rounds
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Number of players: 7
only swiss rounds, no top cut
concluded by: Dudeydude
conflicts: strict

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Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 LachlanF98 Building a Better World Nyusha "Sable" Sintashta
#2 Laurence (Loz) NBN: Reality Plus Tāo Salonga: Telepresence Magician
#3 osintelligence Hyoubu Institute Az McCaffrey
#4 Ben N Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design Esâ Afontov: Eco-Insurrectionist
#5 Dudeydude MirrorMorph Hoshiko Shiro
#6 Joe Jinteki: Restoring Humanity Az McCaffrey: Mechanical Prodigy
#7 Hammond MirrorMorph: Endless Iteration Zahya Sadeghi: Versatile Smuggler

Players going (4)