United States, WI, Milwaukee

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Legal cardpool up to: Uprising
MWL: Standard MWL 3.4b
Format: standard

decklist is mandatory!

Registration starts: 10:00 (local time)
Tournament starts: 11:00 (local time)
Contact: jason@multiply.org

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Registration Form: https://forms.gle/Ff1gh4se8du11bBF8

(v1.0? because I am going to see if we can track down any more store champ kits in the midwest that haven't been used yet).

2020 NISEI Store Championship
Top 16: House of Knives alternate art card
Top 8: Project Beale alternate art card
top 4: Tollbooth playmats playmat
champion: NISEI Regional Bye first-round bye

Additional prizes and information

I have a bunch of alts and stuff that i can include for prize support.

The player with the most wins weighted by the number of companions in their runner deck will get a set of miniplural's companion alts! https://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/miniplural

I'll try to sort out a few other details for prize support, but my alt box overfloweth.

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Number of players: 14
only swiss rounds, no top cut
concluded by: plural
conflicts: strict

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Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 molly Jinteki: Personal Evolution Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist
#2 Fictional Jinteki: Personal Evolution Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar
#3 Whiteblade111 Jinteki: Personal Evolution Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist
#4 ctz Azmari EdTech: Shaping the Future Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist
#5 x3r0h0ur Azmari EdTech: Shaping the Future 419: Amoral Scammer
#6 The King Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist
#7 stoppableforce spicy (splicey?) azmari - 4-0, MKE SC companion 419 (don't play this) - 0-4 MKE SC
#8 cranked Personal Evolution Freedom Khumalo
#9 boreira Petroleum (#UnbeatenBeastGNK) Party Animal (Fun, Tempo, 12x DoF's)
#10 spags Jinteki: Personal Evolution Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist
#11 teapot37 Earth Station Null
#12 Diomedes Saraswati Mnemonics: Endless Exploration Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist
#13 Orbital Tangent Azmari EdTech: Shaping the Future Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar
#14 hutch9514 Pālanā Foods: Sustainable Growth Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe

Registered players (7)