Netherlands, Deventer

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Legal cardpool up to: Uprising Booster Pack
MWL: Standard MWL 3.4
Format: standard

decklist is mandatory!

Registration starts: 09:30 (local time)
Tournament starts: 10:00 (local time)
Address: Scheepvaartstraat 7, 7411 AH Deventer, Netherlands



Dutch Nationals @ Deventer

Saturday, the 30th of November, the Netrunner Nisei National Championship will take place in the PUNT location in the Havenkwartier at Deventer. Please register via the TO’s e-mail address ( or via link

Right now, the main event will be done in 1 day. After Swiss rounds (during Top Cut), a side-event will start as well!

↳ Doors: 9.30 (until 21.00)
↳ Start: 10.00
↳ Fee: € 20,-
↳ Food: you may bring your own to eat outside or order inside at the location
↳ TO: Dennis de Vries / Menghini
↳ Max: not a maximum yet…

For questions or registration, feel free to contact the TO at e-mail address:


↳ Decklists are required, please bring a written/printed list (1 Runner, 1 Corp)
↳ Legal: Downfall + Uprising Booster
↳ MWL: 3.4
↳ Please make no mess at the venue!


↳ Dutch Champion: First Round Bye at Nisei Worlds (can be used in 2020)
↳ Top 8: SDS Drone Deployment Playmat
↳ Top 12: Frosted Plastic Lat
↳ Top 16: alt art Apocalypse
↳ Top 32: alt art Paragon
↳ Top 64: alt art Marilyn Campaign

↳ 1st Apex will receive a keychain made by Aurbits
↳ For each participant to choose at least 1 alt art/mat/acrylic from the table of loot


Deventer is reachable by (International) train, the venue will be at a 10 minuite walk from the Central Station or by bus (nr. 56 to Borculo or nr. 81 to Zutphen). Car parking is also available: free parking is limited and other parking (Q-Park, etc.) is paid.


Rounds: We will play 3-5 rounds of Swiss (depending on attendance), 65 minutes rounds, and (if it’s necessary) followed by a Top Cut.

↳ 10.00: 2 Swiss rounds
↳ 12.30: lunch break
↳ 13.15: 2 or 3 Swiss rounds
↳ 15.00/16.00: prizes and little break
↳ 16.00: start Top Cut and Side-event
↳ 19.00: end (time runs out at 21.00)

Proxies: proxies are allowed, as long as the proxies are sleeved and readable (printed) and have about the same thickness as the official cards.

Side Event 'Sinterklaas'

A standard side-event with a twist: your opponent will play your decks! One of the traditions with the Dutch ‘Sinterklaas’ is giving someone else a present with a poem and sometimes a playful handmade gift. It’s usually not the present, but about having a cosy evening and a lot of laughs around the poems and gifts. I translated this to playing each others decks (as a surprise/playful ‘gift’ for your fellow player).

↳ Starts during Top Cut
↳ You may make another deck, or just use your main event decks (MWL 3.4)
↳ Decklists are NOT required
↳ Not the player, but the decks will ‘win’, ‘lose’, or ‘draw’
↳ Swiss rounds (3 or 4, depending on time), every swiss round players (not the decks!) can win prizes
↳ The winner deck(s) gain an additional prize
↳ TO: Dennis de Vries / Menghini
↳ All attending may participate

2019 NISEI National Championship Kit
participation: Marilyn Campaign (3x) alternate art card
top 32: Paragon (3x) alternate art card
top 16: Apocalypse (3x) alternate art card
top 12: Lat frosted plastic card
top 8: SDS Drone Deployment playmat
champion: Worlds Bye first-round bye

This is the kit for NISEI Nationals.

The kit contains:

First place: First-round bye for any NISEI World Championship

Top 8: SDS Drone Deployment playmat

Top 12: Frosted plastic Lat: Ethical Freelancer

Top 16: Alt art Apocalypse playset

Top 32: Alt art Paragon playset

Top 64/Participation: Alt art Marilyn Campaign playset

This kit also contains an extra set of all prizes for the TO to keep for themselves or give out at their discretion – 1x plastic Lat, 1x SDS Drone Deployment playmat, 3x Apocalypse, 3x Paragon, 3x Marilyn Campaign – as well as 3x alt art Zealous Judge, a TO-exclusive promo!

Additional prizes for this tournament:

↳ 1st Apex will receive a keychain made by Aurbits
↳ 1st Adam will receive Tothbebe's alt art Adam, Logic Bomb and Emergent Creativity
↳ For each participant to choose at least 1 alt art/mat/acrylic from the table of loot

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