Germany, Berlin
2020.02.07 - 2020.02.09.

Legal cardpool up to: Downfall
MWL: Standard MWL 3.2
Format: standard

decklist is not required

Registration starts: 09:30 (local time)
Tournament starts: 10:00 (local time)
Store/venue: Brettspielplatz - Das Spielecafé
Address: Waldstraße 50, 10551 Berlin, Germany


Save the Date for the fifth Community Tournament in Berlin!!

Dear Netrunner Community,
The Berlin Netrunner players are happy to announce and invite you to the FIFTH community event in Berlin. This community event will be a full THREE-DAY Netrunner feast, including a CHANCELLOR OF SERVERS and a competitive event and many more. This will be a lot fo fun! This weekend is for you players and some things will be different. It's all about convenience!

Please pay via Paypal: d[dot]milinski[at]gmx[dot]de (via Friends)
or contact me via slack or message me to get my bank details :)


On Friday:

First round starts: 3pm
last rounds ends: around 9pm
Entry fee: See picture down below
prizes: collect Dome Points and some prizes given out every round!
Join the tournament whenever you like. Hop off the tournament whenever you like!
Player Cap: 70, please Pay upfront to save a spot!

On Saturday:

Registration starts: 9:30am
First Round starts: 10 am
6 rounds of Swiss + Top 3 playoff
Entry fee: please see on the pictures down below
Winner: trophy, High valuable promos and other goodies
Top 3: High valuable promos und other prizes
Top 4: Special playmat designed by Jakuza.
Top 8: Additional prizes like promos or other cool stuff
Each player gets a participation prize.
Special prize for the participant with the longest journey to the event.
Special prize for the youngest participants.
Special prize for the last place finisher
Random prizes: Each round we announce one random player or table to get some extra prizes!
More detailed prizes will be announced soon.
Player Cap: 70 players

On Sunday:

Registration Starts: 9:30am
First Round Starts: 10 am
Swiss rounds based on attendees.
Entry :Event Organizer: Dominic "Dome_" Milinski
prizes: With every team there will be a number of prizes-piles. Each team will grab a pile of prizes.
Top 3 teams will also get a medal!

Each faction (regardless corp or runner) should be represented only once!
Your teams will get paired by swiss. You collect Prestige during the tournament for you and your team. Your teamscore is important as well as your personal score. You will be always paired as with someone who has the same prestige as you. So the strongest player from your team will always be paired with the strongest player from the opponent team!

for organizing purposes I am going to ask you to pay upfront to secure a spot for you. Paying at the venue will costs you slightly more because of planing purposes:

Small overview of fees:
3-day Ticket: 31€(until 1.9.2019) / 33€ (until 15.12.2019) / 36€ ( until 6.2.2020)/ 40€ on site
2-day Ticket: 22€(until 1.9.2019)/25€ (until 15.12.2019) / 27€ (until 6.2.2020) / 30€ on site
1-day ticket: 10€/12€ (until 1.9.2019) / 10€/13€ (until 15.12.2019) / 11€/15€ (until 6.2.2020) 12/17€ on site.

Why should you participate?
We want to have a cool event. We want to have fun, we want to play Netrunner! We want to have fun on the international level.
People from different countries come( NL, PL, CZ) and attend and play some cool matches with us. We Want to have a nice evening program with beer and cocktails, or we try to show you a part of our city.
We will make some photos, try to have a small coverage such as a Stream if possible.
Now it's your turn! You want a cool weekend full of Netrunner? Cool prizes, cool people and tons of fun? You found it! Plan your trip to Berlin, now!!!
We will welcome you with open servers. We're looking forward for you and your cool built decks.
Do you have questions? Don’t hesitate to ask them!

We see us in Berlin on February 7th - 9th 2020!

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