Germany, Brannenburg

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Legal cardpool up to: Downfall
MWL: Standard MWL 3.2
Format: standard

decklist is mandatory!

Registration starts: 10:30 (local time)
Tournament starts: 11:00 (local time)


Looking for Tournament Training for World's in October? Worried of missing the Oktoberfest because of World's in October? Look no further, you ve found what you need! So without further ado...

Dear fellow Netrunner Enthusiasts,

the RCG is proud to host its first NISEI Regional Championship on September 14th 2019 on the premises of the Flugsportverein Rosenheim! Come run some nets and advance some agendas with us - @ll welcome!

Cover Charge:
15 Credits for 4-11 Attendees
10 Credits for 12+ Attendees
(Surplus Money exceeding the cost of the Kit(s) will go to the Flugsportverein as a Donation for letting us use their club home)

Game Mode:
Nisei standard MWL 3.X. and all current regulations.

We want to make this a pleasant and fun event for everyone, competetive and casual players alike, so we are planning to do a big BBQ. Either we will provide some sort of AYCE Style buffet for a fixed price per Person or Bring your own food kinda deal. We will discuss this and update asap.

BBQ #1 after 2nd Rounds Swiss
BBQ #2 During the Top Cut until open end

Help the Verein with 1 Credit for cold Softdrinks or 1,5 credits for a Beer or just bring your own.

We will have a Car pickung you up from Flintsbach Trainstation if need be.

Starting time:
This is still flexibel, as we are not subject to store hours. Let us know if you rather start later and stay longer e.g.

Hopefully see you in the near future,

P.S. Rosenheimer Octoberfest is in full Swing that weekend and beer prices are much more reasonable than in Munich. What better time to come visit?

2019 NISEI Regional Championship Kit
top 64: Scrubber alternate art card
top 32: Adam: Compulsive Hacker alternate art card
top 16: ACME Consulting: The Truth You Need alternate art card
top 8: The Artist playmat
top 4: Az McCaffrey frosted plastic card
champion: NISEI Nationals/Continentals first-round bye

First place: First-round bye for any NISEI National or Continental Championship
Top 4: Frosted plastic Az McCaffrey (a new Runner from Ashes: Downfall)
Top 8: Playmat featuring The Artist
Top 16: Alt-art ACME Consulting: The Truth You Need
Participation/Top 32: Alt-art Adam: Compulsive Hacker
Participation/Top 64: Alt-art Scrubber

Additional prizes for this tournament:

Depending on number of Players we might throw in some older FFG GNK or a Nisei Q2 - lets see ;-)

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