United Kingdom, York

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Legal cardpool up to: Reign and Reverie - MWL 2.2
MWL: unknown
Format: standard

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Tournament starts: 18:00 (local time)
Store/venue: Random Encounter Pop Culture Cafe
Address: 9 Gillygate, York YO31 7EA, UK

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York Criticall Run
location: United Kingdom
date tournament
2019.12.14. The Crypsis Spirit - Critical Run December
2019.10.19. Critical Run - Oct
2019.09.14. Critical Run - Septmeber
2019.08.10. York Regionals / Aki Birthday :cake:
2019.07.20. Critical Run July
2019.06.08. Critical Run - June
2019.05.11. Critical run may
2019.04.20. Netrunner - Critical Run - Nisei Kit #3
2019.03.09. York Store Champisonship - Netrunner
2019.02.09. Netrunner - Critical Run - Nisei Kit #2
2019.01.12. Netrunner - Critical Run - Nisei Kit #1
2018.12.05. Decemeber Critical Run
2018.11.07. Charity Gift Practice - November Critical Run
2018.10.03. October Critical Run
2018.09.08. Worlds Streaming Party
2018.09.05. Random Encounter September Critical Run
2018.08.01. RanEnc Monthly Netrunner 5 - TO's Birthday Bash
2018.07.04. Random Encounter Monthly Netrunner 4
2018.06.06. Random Encounter Monthly Netrunner 3
2018.05.23. Random Encounter Monthly Netrunner 2
2018.04.18. Netrunner Monthly - Random Encounter

York's monthly independently ran events.

Handing out NISEI promos, ffg promos, fan made promos and high fives.


The champ cards, and Maxwell Errata as well as MWL 2.2 will be in effect for the event


==Sadly due to our alcohol license agreement no under 18's can be in the café after 19:00==

Welcome to the Random Encounter Monthly event for Netrunner.

#Event Info:#

Price: £5
Reg: 6:30pm
Round 1: 7pm
Number of Rounds: 3
Round time: 60min
Estimated End time: ~10:15

#Boring format info and event rules:#

Players must bring 1 Corp Deck and 1 Runner deck, decks must be sleeved and be MWL2.1 and rotation legal.

Unofficial Alt art identities are allowed but please bring an official one with you as well.

Unofficial alt art cards are allowed but can only be in your deck at the discretion of the TO. (You are welcome to replace installed cards with unofficial alts no matter what though)

As with all 3rd party game pieces, legality will be the TOs discretion, this will only be rejected if they contain overly gory/violent/disturbing/NSFW images.

##Cool Prizes##:

As well as official FFG alt arts we also have in the prize pool:

Top 2/3/4 (Depending on players): Alternate Art by Alexis Spicer

Entrance prizes: Alt arts by Paula "PandaLion" Norris

Any questions feel free to contact me by emailing Aki.randomencounter [at] gamil [dot] com, and hope to see you there.


Random encounter is on gillygate which is a stones throw away from the minster and about 10-15 min walk from york train station:

Directions can be found here: https://goo.gl/maps/eT8yH6Hp7bF2

Also the number 1, 5A, and 6 buses stop just outside of the cafe.


Season 2 Kit - Imp + Apex

Pandalion Alt Arts
Alexis Alt Arts

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Number of players: 6
only swiss rounds, no top cut
concluded by: Blonde Haired Hacker Girl
conflicts: strict

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Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 Blonde Haired Hacker Girl Za Warudo!! (hadrain's wall is Border Control) Akira's Bizarre Adventure Remix (Mwl 2.2)
#2 NeutralZoneTrap CTM Top Hat CT
#3 Sam Canham NBN: Controlling the Message Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker
#4 Tobias Crumpton NEXT Design: Guarding the Net Akiko Nisei: Head Case
#5 Alex B Haas-Bioroid: Architects of Tomorrow Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker
#6 Justin Keverne The Outfit: Family Owned and Operated Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman

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