United States, NY, Brooklyn

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Legal cardpool up to: The Devil and the Dragon
MWL: unknown
Format: other

decklist is not required

Tournament starts: 11:00 (local time)
Store/venue: Nu Brand Gaming
Address: 194 31st St, Brooklyn, NY 11232, USA

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King of Subways II is a team event, with each team consisting of 3 players. Each team must have three different runner factions represented (each minifaction being its own faction) and three different corp factions. Prizes at the end will be awarded to the entire team. In the spirit of KoS, table talk between teammates and opponents is allowed and encouraged (although not to the point of stalling/slow play).

King of Subways II will consist of 5 Swiss rounds of 70 minutes each. Round pairings will be between teams with the closest total prestige points, with players paired in prestige order (e.g. the top player on one team faces the top player on the other).

King of Subways II will use current errata, rotation, and the Most Wanted List.

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KING OF SUBWAYS II - Hosted by Nu Brand Gaming - Sponsored by Burger Tokens (07:52:49)
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Number of players: 13
only swiss rounds, no top cut
concluded by: internet
conflicts: relaxed

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Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 Tolaasin Lobstermodernism (5-0 King of Subways) The Pirate King - KoS II, NYC, April 2018
#1 C₂₀H₂₅N₃O The Shadow The Masque
#2 Ghost Princess Poppy The Shadow The Masque
#2 osclate Azmari for KoS MaxX for KoS
#2 Sanjay Deck Names Are For Winners / 1-4 / 2nd at KoS Wendy Moira Angela Darling / 3-2 / 2nd at KoS
#2 Ino209 Yogurt Guaranteed (2nd at KoS) Surprise Monolith LVD (2nd at KoS)
#3 hhooo's on First The Shadow The Masque
#4 YankeeFlatline All-In SSO (4th King of Subways 2018) Runner Ayla Deluxe (4th King of Subways 2018)
#4 Dedgame Intensifies The Shadow The Masque
#4 flimflam Kosaginf Kosclan
#4 metagros5 CTM for KoS II (4th, Dedgame Intensifies) Sunny for KoS II (4th Dedgame Intensifies)
#5 Executive Cute Camp The Shadow The Masque
#6 Net Ready Guys The Shadow The Masque
#7 Redino987 Tennin Quick Advance KaboNexus
#7 Shiiuga Whoah-oh-oh, your house is on fire v1.0 ARE YOU THE BRAIN SPECIALIST? v1.3
#8 Wonton Destruction The Shadow The Masque
#8 Shishu I wanna kill people Tech Hayley
#8 strube Fun Police - 1st Place Boardwalk SC Mother still knows best (undefeated/1st place Den Hague SC)
#9 Insecurity Nexus The Shadow The Masque
#10 How About a KOSplay Pun The Shadow The Masque
#10 groenkaaf Cerebral Imaging Rielle "Kit" Peddler
#11 Wylders The Shadow The Masque
#12 Aumakua Matata The Shadow The Masque
#12 EnderA Lightning Titan Wu Revoir
#13 Always Be Pimpin' The Shadow The Masque

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