Germany, Berlin

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Legal cardpool up to: Down the White Nile
MWL: unknown
Format: other

decklist is mandatory!

Tournament starts: 11:00 (local time)
Store/venue: RuDi-The Stralauer cultural and community center
Address: Modersohnstraße 55, 10245 Berlin, Germany
Contact: dome_

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This is the King of Servers part of the Double Play Event in Berlin.
For more information see the main tournament page.

This event is created as a Team event, this means multiple claims are possible. Please claim the spot of your team after the tournament!

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Number of players: 10
only swiss rounds, no top cut
concluded by: dome_
conflicts: relaxed

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Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 ff0X Hot Potato - Double Play KoS Berlin Mimosa Adam - Double Play KoS Berlin
#1 JackMade 1st Place KoS Berlin "Und Nuutzen! - Once again!" 1st Place KoS Berlin "RNG-Testing Smoke"
#1 Team Globerunner The Shadow The Masque
#2 lazychef13 Skorp - 1st Reading SC Mommy exploring her wyld side (2. at King of Servers Berlin)
#2 Team Die Schlanken Runner The Shadow The Masque
#2 mazeberlin Murder CI edit Criminal Smoke
#3 Watzlav Pálaná (3rd and 6th @ Berlin KOS) Critical Contacts (1st Place Hamburg/Praha/Kassel SC)
#3 Team NPE The Shadow The Masque
#3 adquen Skorpios Defense Systems Valencia Estevez
#4 Super Robot Monkey Team hyper Force Go!!!! The Shadow The Masque
#5 Inermis Beach-Moomins (1st Place Hamburg SC) They killed Kenny! You bastards! 1st@Berlin
#5 Jaroniew Mercs The Shadow The Masque
#5 ocrooh Controlling the Message Ele "Smoke" Scovak
#6 Team Frauenpower The Shadow The Masque
#7 Longi Reversed CI 3.0 Maw Comrades Val 2.0
#7 Slavic Kings The Shadow The Masque
#7 Krasty Scorp Rigshooter 2.0 German Geist
#8 RUN DMC The Shadow The Masque
#9 Labbes BEALE OR NO BEALE Go home Adam you're drunk
#9 Klopstock Mushinitive Countershin (Berlin Team Tournament) I am become…pawnshop? (1st Gamescape SC, undefeated)
#9 :Party_aaaaaaaa: The Shadow The Masque
#10 Last Minute Man The Shadow The Masque

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