Legal cardpool up to: System Gateway
MWL: Standard Ban List 21.10
Format: standard

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Registration starts: 20:00 (local time)
Tournament starts: 20:15 (local time)
Contact: odolinski.piotr@gmail.com

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The four installment of the third season of a regular Polish community event, aiming at introducing new players to the game, but also helping old players seamlessly return to the hobby.

This season we play 3 rounds of Swiss each Monday and Thursday for 10 consecutive weeks.

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Swiss rounds
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Number of players: 11
only swiss rounds, no top cut
concluded by: Odol
conflicts: strict

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Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 Odol Sportsmetal Ele "Smoke" Scovak
#2 Saja_PL AgInfusion Adam
#3 coma Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design Steve Cambridge: Master Grifter
#4 Baltar Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock
#5 swir3k Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon Zahya Sadeghi: Versatile Smuggler
#6 apo Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed Omar Keung: Conspiracy Theorist
#7 Matuszczak Kill CTM Apoc Val
#8 Śmieszny Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design Adam: Compulsive Hacker
#9 blueeplayer Precision Design Steve Cambridge
#10 piwko NBN: Reality Plus MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock
#11 Deus Mortis NeuroBoom Azmari Boring Steve with more accesses

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