Legal cardpool up to: System Gateway
MWL: not applicable
Format: startup

decklist is mandatory!

Registration starts: 15:00 (local time)
Tournament starts: 15:30 (local time)
Contact: vesper@cyberpunk.me

runner IDs
corp IDs
runner factions
corp factions
runner IDs
corp IDs
runner factions
corp factions
location: online
date tournament
2021.06.19. The Catalyst vs The Syndicate [rebooting...]

A custom series of online team events. More information here.

event QR code

You keep hitting the RESET button repeatedly...
- Come on, come ooooon...
The machine hums back to life, with the holodisplay throwing a few glitches before the letters start dripping down the airspace before your eyes.

Are you actually ready this time to participate in something (hopefully) big? ;-)

The Catalyst versus The Syndicate in the Startup card pool (yup, Standard proved too big to handle, so let's take it easy and let's take it slow ;-))


  • The card pool is STARTUP (yes, Gold Farmer is legal):
    ** System Gateway
    ** System Update 2021
    ** Ashes Cycle: Downfall + Uprising
  • The Syndicate is the only allowed Corp ID (= unlimited influence, no special ID ability). You can only use agendas from one Corp faction + neutral ones.
  • The Corp Agenda Points requirements are as follows:
    # of cards in deck -[]- Agenda Points required
    30-34 -[]- 14
    35-39 -[]- 16
    40-44 -[]- 18
    45-49 -[]- 20
    50-54 -[]- 22
    + up to 4 cards -[]- at least +2 Agenda Points
  • The Catalyst is the only allowed Runner ID (= unlimited influence, no special ID ability).



May having fun and making friends win!

Additional prizes and information

This is a community-sponsored event and there are no entry fees.

There will be raffles among the participants (and stream viewers) of random game-related items from my collection.

The physical prize pool depends partially on the amount in the tip jar. Donations are completely optional and not required for the event to take place.

Please note that due to the current global situation getting physical prizes sent to you might take a while - thank you for understanding!

The tip jar is here. If you are not happy with the available tip jar option and would like to contribute in a different way - or you are a community artist/creator and would like to showcase/promote your work on stream/during the tournament - please contact me

Thank you!

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Number of players: 2
only swiss rounds, no top cut
concluded by: vesper
conflicts: relaxed

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Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 theoneakaneo Syndicate (vs Catalyst) Catalyst (vs Syndicate)
#2 kibosh Catalyst vs Syndicate - SYNDICATE 1.1 Catalyst vs Syndicate - CATALYST 1.1

Players going (2)