Australia, Penrith

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Legal cardpool up to: Quorum
MWL: unknown
Format: standard

decklist is mandatory!

Tournament starts: 1200 (local time)
Store/venue: Gametraders
Address: 114-116 Henry St, Penrith NSW 2750, Australia

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This is a Championship Event for the Android: Netrunner LCG. This is your first step towards gaining Netrunner glory and winning a bye at the Regional Champship.

Entry $15
This will follow the basic tournament structure.

Top 32 - The top thirty-two players will each receive a copy of the alternate art card “Pad Campaign” - an easy, hands-off investment that can pay for itself…If you can protect it.
Top 8 - The top eight players will each receive a deckbox to hold your assets and hardware in.
Top 4 - The top four players will each receive a playmat depicting some Anarchs ready to run amok.
Top 2 - The top two players will each receive a printed acrylic token to be used with the card "Femme Fatale".
First Place - The winner will receive a color printed plaque and a first round bye to a 2017 Android: Netrunner Regional Championship of their choice!

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Number of players: 8
only swiss rounds, no top cut

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Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 xanarax Team Turtles (1st Place, Sydney SC, 18/3/2017) Never not Whizzard Sydney SC 1st place 18th/03/2017
#2 RJorb Troll Unleashed (2nd Place, Penrith SC, 18/2/2017) Spyware (2nd Place, Penrith SC, 18/2/2017)
#3 Will Controlling the Message Valencia Estevez
#4 Loic Engineering the Future Whizzard
#5 Chris Builder of Nations Leela Patel
#6 Inactivist Psi Hard Spyware v2.1
#7 Pat Engineering the Future Leela Patel
#8 blindidiotgod GRNDL: Geothermal Extra-national Targeted Functional Unilate TECHLAWRD

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