United States, MI, Ypsilanti

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Legal cardpool up to: Uprising
MWL: Standard MWL 3.4b
Format: standard

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Registration starts: 18:00 (local time)
Tournament starts: 18:00 (local time)
Store/venue: Arbor Brewing Company - Corner Brewery
Address: 720 Norris St, Ypsilanti, MI 48198, USA
Contact: tvaduva@yahoo.com

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Let's try out these new Uprising cards and play some fun Netrunner games at Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti.

Cost: $3 (Note that this is the cards-only kit, so entry cost is less)

This is a Standard Event (using System Core 2019, Lunar rotation, Uprising, and MWL 3.4b). There will be 3 rounds of Swiss lasting 65 minutes to determine the winner.

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Swiss rounds
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Number of players: 7
only swiss rounds, no top cut
concluded by: tvaduva
conflicts: strict

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Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 danosuke Controlling the Message Sunny Lebeau
#2 tvaduva Azmari Exchange Surveyor GFI AUR Hayley Colony Cafe Aesop AUR 2
#3 Austin Mills GameNET Kabonesa Wu
#4 Raphael Nishimura Earth Station Valencia Estevez
#5 Raphael ‘Rap’ Ku Chronos Protocol Armand "Geist" Walker
#6 Craig Meader Sportsmetal Ken "Express" Tenma
#7 Andrew Webber Pālanā Foods Nathaniel "Gnat" Hall

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