United States, MN, Roseville

recurring: Thursday

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Tournament starts: 18:30 (local time)
Store/venue: Gamezenter
Address: 1975 County Road B2 W, Roseville, MN 55113, USA
Contact: anroffthegrid@gmail.com

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A dedicated group of folks still making runs where it all began: Minnesota. Small groups gather for Standard and Startup games, and there is a yearly tournament put together by this community called Off The Grid (OTG).

  • Contact Orbital Tangent#8386 on Discord or Orbital Tangent on Stimhack Slack
  • We have a Slack for organizing events and talking to each other

Store Notes

Accessibility: There is a ramp to the front door but no automatic door opener. You normally can get a passerby to open the door for you, or if you call in to the store they can have someone open it for you. Phone: (651) 379-3801

Bathrooms: Bathrooms are gendered. They are large, with multiple stalls and sinks. Each bathroom has one spacious wheelchair accessible stall. There are baby changing stations in either bathroom, though they are in the accessibility stall.

COVID-19: Most attendees are mask-less if there is no mask mandate active for Roseville, Ramsey Country, St Paul, or Minnesota. Staff have mostly returned to masks, but it is still optional for them so you will occasionally see them without.

Food: There is a full kitchen with hot and cold foods, through they don't have any strictly vegan options (or those are prepared on the same surfaces as meat dishes). There are alcoholic beverages including beer and wine. There is free water, both from a pitcher and drinking fountains.

Parking: There is on-site parking with a few disabled person spots available. Most nights, it is difficult but not impossible to find a space. There is overflow parking across the street, but no crosswalk, and traffic is medium to heavy.

Warnings: The space is medium to loud depending on the events going on. There are no strobing lights on normal days, but their event spaces can be host to things like weddings and parties with lights and loud announcements/music.

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