Norway, Oslo

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Legal cardpool up to: Downfall
MWL: Standard MWL 3.3
Format: standard

decklist is not required

Registration starts: 12:00 (local time)
Tournament starts: 12:30 (local time)
Store/venue: Asylet
Address: Grønland 28, 0188 Oslo, Norway

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Let's play netrunner!

Cool Prices!

MWL 3.3 will be in effect, as well as NIsei rules for proxying cards (i.e. Go For It).

MWL 3.3:
NISEI play policies:

Place: Asylet Kafé

2019 NISEI Regional Championship Kit
top 64: Scrubber alternate art card
top 32: Adam: Compulsive Hacker alternate art card
top 16: ACME Consulting: The Truth You Need alternate art card
top 8: The Artist playmat
top 4: Az McCaffrey frosted plastic card
champion: NISEI Nationals/Continentals first-round bye

First place: First-round bye for any NISEI National or Continental Championship
Top 4: Frosted plastic Az McCaffrey (a new Runner from Ashes: Downfall)
Top 8: Playmat featuring The Artist
Top 16: Alt-art ACME Consulting: The Truth You Need
Participation/Top 32: Alt-art Adam: Compulsive Hacker
Participation/Top 64: Alt-art Scrubber

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Swiss rounds
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Number of players: 11
only swiss rounds, no top cut
concluded by: nicohasa
conflicts: strict

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Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 Bucket of Baby Sloths Dirtbagmodernism (1st at Oslo Regionals, Undefeated) Once more into the MaxX (1st at Oslo Regionals, 3-2)
#2 Mathias NBN: Controlling the Message Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist
#3 Siegl Hostile Killers Gagarin, 6-0 @ Oslo Regionals No Accident Val, 2-4 @ Oslo Regionals
#4 Arve Jinteki: Personal Evolution Ele "Smoke" Scovak: Cynosure of the Net
#5 Fredrik Azmari EdTech: Shaping the Future Chaos Theory: Wünderkind
#6 Mikael G Titan Transnational: Investing In Your Future Ele "Smoke" Scovak: Cynosure of the Net
#7 Ulrik B MirrorMorph: Endless Iteration Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist
#8 Moose Jinteki: Personal Evolution Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional
#9 Pål L Harmony Medtech: Biomedical Pioneer Ele "Smoke" Scovak: Cynosure of the Net
#10 nicohasa Jinja Azmari No longer allowed on Kickstarter after I ate their servers
#11 Karl Erik AgInfusion: New Miracles for a New World Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist

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