Czechia, Brno-střed

Legal cardpool up to: Downfall
MWL: Standard MWL 3.2
Format: other

decklist is not required

Registration starts: 17:00 (local time)
Tournament starts: 17:30 (local time)
Store/venue: BLACK OIL – Gaming & Social Hub
Address: Kotlářská 989/51a, 602 00 Brno-střed-Veveří, Czechia
Contact: Miroslav "Longi" Seckar, +420733615672,

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Diversified Portfolio is a new format for Android: Netrunner, with a focus on risk vs reward and making the choice of identities more tough. It seeks to give some lesser played corporations and unsung heroes of the game a chance to shine, while still allowing players a lot of choice to pick decks which fit their play style. You will get to play with and against ID’s you have rarely or even never before seen at a tournament, leading to totally new experiences.
In a Diversified Portfolio tournament, each legal runner and corp ID has a score attributed to it, going from 0 up to 5, as seen below. The higher the score of an identity, the more competitive and prevalent it is. A player is allowed to freely pick any runner and corp ID to participate with, as long as the sum of their scores is 5 or less. For example, they could pick Leela (score 5) and The Foundry (score 0), Palana (4) and Exile (1), or The Professor (0) and Personal Evolution (3). However, they wouldn't be able to pick Sportsmetal (4) and Kit (3).

Players are not obligated to go up to 5 when choosing their ID's. In fact, as an extra incentive to pick less powerful/popular ID's and diversify the field, score is considered the primary tie breaker for swiss ranking in this format. Thus, if two players both are at twelve points after round four of swiss, the player with a score of 2 would be higher ranked than the player with a score of 5. With ties, Strength of Schedule and extended SoS will still determine ranking as per usual.
Furthermore, players who took a risk and decided to go for lower ranked identities will be awarded additional prizes. For example, a special prize to the highest ranked player with a score of 2 or less, or every player who played with a combined score of 0.
Outside of these rules, the game plays identically to Standard format. Rotation and the latest Most Wanted List are in effect (in this case still MWL 3.2). The only exception is Rebirth, which is banned from the format. Consider it on the Removed section of the MWL.

ID choices
S-Tier (5 Points): Argus, Outfit, Titan
A-Tier (4 Points): Blue Sun, Palana, Sportsmetal, AG, Industrial Genomics, Controlling the Message, Near-Earth Hub, Azmari
B-Tier (3 Points): SSO, SOL, Replicating Perfection, ASA, NEXT Design, Personal Evolution. Jinteki Biotech, Acme Consulting, Gagarin, SYNC
C-Tier (2 Points):Chronos Protocol, Spark Agency, Architects of Tomorrow, Tennin Institute, Making News, Building a Better World, Jemison Astronautics, MirrorMorph
D-Tier (1 Point): Builder of Nations, Harmony Medtech, Cybernetic Division, Seidr Laboratories, Stronger Together, Nisei Division
E-Tier (0 Points): Custom Biotic, The Foundry, Saraswati Mnemonics, Haarpsichord Studios, Harishchandra, Hyoubu Institute

S-Tier (5 Points): Valencia, Maxx, 419, Leela, Hayley
A-Tier (4 Points): Liza, Khumalo, Geist, Kabonesa
B-Tier (3 Points): Kim, Kit, Adam, Smoke, Jesminder, Sunny, Alice
C-Tier (2 Points): Reina, Gnat, Gabe, Ken, Omar, Chaos Theory, Lat
D-Tier (1 Point): Silhouette, Fisk, Akiko Nisei, Exile, Quetzal, Los, Apex, Az McCaffrey
E-Tier (0 Points): Null, Khan, Nero, Iain, Nasir, The Professor

2018 Q2 Game Night Kit
top 16: Imp alternate art card
top 4: Apex: Invasive Predator alternate art card
top 2: Haas-Bioroid acrylic click tracker

coming soon

Additional prizes and information

Some small aditional prices from Nisei Euros 2019

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Number of players: 8
only swiss rounds, no top cut
concluded by: Longi
conflicts: strict

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Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 Longi Urban Nostromo (Diversified Portfolio Winner) Shotdown Gabe (Diversified Portfolio Winner)
#2 Dante42 Acme Consulting Quetzal
#3 Kubik161 Personal Evolution Omar Keung
#4 Trismagistos TRAP them everywhere 9 is enough - 1st Euros 2019
#5 Zenthanian Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed Null: Whistleblower
#6 Mildesorte NBN: Making News Apex: Invasive Predator
#7 Krasty Remoteless Tennin Chop Bot is a crutch (3rd Austin Regionals 2019)
#8 Axxy MirrorMorph Edward Kim

Players going (7)