Germany, Dortmund

Legal cardpool up to: Martial Law
MWL: unknown
Format: standard

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Tournament starts: 11:15 (local time)
Store/venue: Kult Spiele
Address: Kampstraße 35, 44137 Dortmund, Germany
Contact: Roy

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Number of players: 16
only swiss rounds, no top cut

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Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 JackMade "ACTM" - Store Championship 1st Place - Dortmund "CitaTap Andy" - Store Championship 1st Place - Dortmund
#2 Dalhill Controlling the message Whizzard
#3 t7071 Controlling the message Andromeda
#4 PropJoe Blue Sun Geist
#5 mythras GOTTA GO FAST (2016 Store Championship, 1st Place) Prepaid Smoke
#6 SpanishFly Pālanā Foods: Sustainable Growth Kate
#7 PuMeGo Near-Earth Hub Noise
#8 Speedboat Jinteki: Personal Evolution Andromeda
#9 hlinks Blue 45 - 9/16 Kult Spiele Dortmund Smoke from the Slums - 9/16 Kult Spiele Dortmund
#10 PeterPan Sandvich (aka Friendscoats) - Redcoats Revisited Internet Famous - 1st and 2nd (11-1 across two SC)
#11 NecroB Engineering the Future Smoke
#12 SpaceHonk Prison Potatoes: Boil 'em Mash 'em Power Nexus Andy from @Zeromus
#13 kephalopode Engineering the Future Whizzard
#14 ff0x Engineering the Future Andromeda
#15 Nippelsalat Personal Evolution Sunny Lebeau
#16 Tesla Controlling the message Whizzard

Registered players (6)