Hungary, Budapest

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Legal cardpool up to: Magnum Opus
Format: standard

decklist is mandatory!

Starting time: 11:00 (local time)
Store/venue: Metagame Kártya-, és Társasjáték Bolt
Address: Budapest, Kádár u. 10, 1132 Hungary
Contact: (Necro)

Hungarian Nationals
location: Hungary
date tournament
2018.11.18. Hungarian Nationals - King of Servers side event
2018.11.17. Hungarian Nationals 2018



The Hungarian Nationals will be single-day tournament on Saturday.

Registration: 10:30
Event start: 11:00 - please message us if you are running late!
Cardpool: MWL 2.2, cards up to "Magnum Opus" (new champion cards are allowed, Community Cards are NOT ALLOWED)
Entry fee: 4000 HUF / 15 EUR

Saturday evening

Come, join us for some drinks. We have some lovely geek bars close to the tournaments. Our community is friendly, we have some couch-surfing options available, feel free to ask :)


If you would like some more Netrunner, please check out our King of Servers side event on Sunday.


We won't have the official FFG nationals prize-pack.

Instead we will have:

  • Hungarian Nationals 2018 trophy
  • Aurbits PCB identities, tokens
  • acrylic click tracker
  • custom Hungarian Nationals 2018 playmats
  • custom alt art card for participation: Lady Liberty
  • items from previous FFG prize-packs

Have a look at the picture section!

Additional Lady Liberty alt arts will be on sale for 3 EUR/piece. We are also willing to trade for other unofficial arts. We can send them by post, contact us if interested.

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