Sweden, Stockholm

Legal cardpool up to: Reign and Reverie
MWL: unknown
Format: standard

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Casual Game night tournament.

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Swiss rounds
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Number of players: 8
only swiss rounds, no top cut
concluded by: Mikael Holmberg (CeeTee2001)
conflicts: strict

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Swiss rounds
rank player corp runner
#1 Christian Naesseth CtM [3rd Stockholm Regionals] Ghost Pirate [3rd Stockholm Regionals]
#2 secondvictor Skorpios Defense Systems Valencia Estevez
#3 dezideria Skorpios Defense Systems Armand "Geist" Walker
#4 Victor Pluntky The Outfit: Family Owned and Operated 419: Amoral Scammer
#5 emlun emlun's Skorporate Town Sunny Tempeau but slightly worse
#6 Mikael Holmberg (CeeTee2001) SSO Industries Rielle "Kit" Peddler
#7 Martin Ceder Haarpsichord Studios: Entertainment Unleashed Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar
#8 Marie Nilsson Jinteki: Personal Evolution Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe

Registered players (5)